The Notification of Residential Permission Visa

I. Students with ‘X’ (student) visa must apply for residence permits within 30 days after entering China.

1. What material you need to prepare for residence permit(noted as study)

⑴ Admission letter 

⑵ JW202 form or JW201 form

⑶ Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors in Guangzhou (You can get it from police station) 

⑷ Photo receipt for visa(You can get it at photo studio)

⑸ Health examination result

Step 1 Make an online application

Please follow the official wechat account of Guangzhou International Travel Healthcare Center (official wehcat account: GZITHC)to make an online application for physical examination.

Step 2 Do the physical examination on the appointment time with the following material

① Five 1-inch size colorful personal photos.

② Passport: one copy of first page with your personal information and the latest visa page.

③ Your health examination record in your home country (if available)

④ One copy of your admission letter and JW202

Address: No 207, Longkouxi, Tianhebei Road (Gang ding metro station),Guangzhou.


Note: The health examination is free if your study period is over one year, otherwise you have to pay 482 yuan.

Note: if you have registration permit visa(noted as study) from other universities, except the above material, you still need to prepare the following material: 

① Graduation certificate or completing certificate

② Transcript 

③ Attendance record 

2. How to apply for visa extension

Step1 Pay for your tuition and register.

Step2 Bring the required material to Student Affairs Office to make an appointment for visa extension.

Wushan campus: Room 208, Building 32

University Town Campus: B1-208

Step3 Go to deal with your visa extension at the immigration office at the appointment time.

Step4 Take back your passport on the designated date.

Step5 Go to register in the police station with your new visa and get Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors in Guangzhou .

Step6 Submit the copy of Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors in Guangzhou to Student Affairs Office

II. Reissue of Visas/Residence Permits/Stay Permits

Where visas/residence permits/stay permits held by international students need to be reissued due to loss, damage, theft or robbery after entry of China, those international students may apply for a reissue in accordance with the type, validity period of entry and duration of the original visas, stay or residence permits. The number of entries will be reissued in accordance with the remaining valid number of entries of the original visas.

Handling Procedures:

(1) Report to the local police station where the loss or theft occurred and claim for Receipt of Reporting to the Police.

(2) Report to Entry and Exit Administration Bureau of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau with completed Report Form indicating the process of lost, Receipt of Reporting to the Police and certificates proving nationality and identity, and apply for The Confirmation of Reporting the loss of Passport.

(3) Apply for new passport with The Confirmation of Reporting the loss of Passport the embassy or consulate in the country concerned.

(4) Apply for the reissue of visa and permits according to relevant requirements and procedures after receiving new passport.

III Notes

  1. Do NOT let your visa expire, or else, you would get a fine of 500 RMB for each expiring day, furthermore, the immigration office will put you in the black list and they will impose more restrictions on your future visa extension.

  2. Once you change your visa or address or you have a new passport, you have to register in the police station again and get a new Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors in Guangzhou. Also, you need to submit the copy of Registration Form to Student Affairs Office

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