Materials Required for Insurance Cliams

1. Materials

Copies of Hospital book

Discharge summaries (if you have lived in the hospital)

Whole set of examination results papers

Bank book copy which has your account name and number

Formal receipt corresponding to the date of hospital book

Passport copy


2. Attention

The minimum payment line of medical treatment for outpatient and emergency is RMB 650 RMB.The remaining amount after deducting RMB 650 will be reimbursed at a percentage of 85%.

If you visited or lived in different hospital, you need to provide relevant hospital’s full set of documents mentioned above.

You must choose the public big hospital, do not go to the private small clinic or hospital.


3. For some small disease or fever, the students can go to the school clinic which is cheaper than the big hospital, it is situated near the east gate and closed to the subway station. Clinic Tel.: 87112371


4. For some serious illness or situation, the students must go to big hospital such as the third Hospital Affiliated to Sun Yat - Sen University which situated at the Gang-ding Subway station.


Emergency Hotline: 120


5. The insurance company regulate that: outpatient costs only reimburse those external injuries such as injuries, sprain, cuts, and for those internal, congenital, long-term diseases such as fever, cold, toothache, heart disease, body organs inflammation are not reimbursed at all; however, if the student is hospitalized, all the diseases above can be reimbursed, the exact amount of reimbursement will be decided by the insurance company.


6. PS: The insured shall get treatment in hospitals which are public medical institutions and at least in second rank.


some hospitals for example


广东省人民医院Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital     


广东省中医院Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Guangdong Province


中山大学附属一院 The First Affiliated Hospital, SUN YAT-SEN University      


中山大学附属二院 The Second Affiliated Hospital, SUN YAT-SEN University


中山大学附属三院The Third Affiliated Hospital, SUN YAT-SEN University


中山大学附属六院The six Affiliated Hospital, SUN YAT-SEN University


广州中医药大学第一附属医院The First Affiliated Hospital, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine


广州市中医院 Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital


广州正骨医院 Guangzhou Bone Orthopedics Hospital

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