Yangchengtong IC Card

Yangchengtong IC Card is a convenient way to pay for public transportation usable in Guangzhou and Foshan. No registration is needed, therefore if you lose your card you cannot report it.


1. Where to buy it?

Almost all the metro stations, 7-Eleven stores, and T&T laundry shops.


2. Where to use it?

Almost all buses, ferries, metros, JUSTCO (renamed AEON Stores), some McDonald outlets, chained groceries like 7-Eleven, OK Convenient Stores.


3. What is the discount?

When taking the metro, you will have a 5 percent discount for the first 15 payments each month. While after the 15 times, you will have a 40 percent discount for the rest days of each monthwhen taking bus or metro.


4. How to recharge it?

(1) Manual recharge

Pay cash to recharge your IC card. Some newsstands, 7-Eleven stores, and T&T laundry shops with Yangchengtong label can provide cash recharging service.

(2) Automatic recharge

If your IC card is linked to your bank card, you just need to place your IC card on the recharging machine during the recharge process. The recharging machines can be found at metro stations.

(3) Self-service recharging

Use your bank card to transfer money to your IC card. There are self-service machines at metro stations and banks.

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