Process to Have Off-campus Internship Specified in the Residence Permits

International students shall bring the following material to Student Affairs Office to have the information specified in the visa

1. Passport

2. Acceptance letter from the company

3. Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors

4. Receipt of China Visa Photograph for foreigners in Guangdong Province


Apply for the visa in the immigration office with the required material

Take back your passport from the immigration office as required and then register in the police station with your new passport.

Finish your entry procedures in the company with your new visa.



International students who needs to do off-campus internship shall apply with the required material to the exit and entry administration departments of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau to have the internship information specified in their residence permits. They cannot engage in any off-campus internship unless the information is specified. Those who do the internship beyond the prescribed job scope or time limit shall be deemed as participating in illegal employment.

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