Visa extension




Materials Needed


Submit the required documents for temporary residence permit

(1) Wushan Police Station (opposite to Wushan subway station)

(2) Xioaguwei police station (near the Higher Education Mega Centre South subway station)


2 one-inch size colorful personal photos, Passport, Admission letter Accommodation Letter from school


physical examination (get the results at the required time)

Guangdong International Travel Healthcare Center. (Address: No 207,Longkouxi,Tianhebei Road Guangzhou. ) Tel:87537322

2 one-inch size colorful personal photos, Passport, payment (500RMB), health check record in your home country (if available)


Bring your appointment paper and other required material to the immigration office to deal with your visa by yourself. Office at the required time

(1) Tianhe District Visa Application Center2nd Floor, No.13, Ruanjian Road, Tianhe District

(2) Panyu District  Visa Application Center (Yongye Building, No.550, Yayun Road, Panyu)


(1) Passport

(2) China Visa Photograph for Foreigners

(3) China Visa Photograph for Foreigners

(4) Jw202 form/JW201 form

(5) Registration form of Temporary Residence for Visitors

(6) Physical examination result

(7) Receipt of China Visa Photograph for Foreigners in Guangdong Province (valid for 6 months)

(8) Completing Certificate, transferring letter,attendance and transcriptTransferring Students with RESIDENCE PERMIT


1. Wushan Police Station

2.  Health Care Center of Guangzhou International Travel

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