1.Collect information

(1)Visit the website of South China University of Technology

Chinese website:

English website:

(2)Find the information of supervisor on the website of Graduate School

Website address:

Click “Introduction of Supervisor”

Website address:

(3)Find the information of supervisor on the English website, click “Schools” and find the school you are applying for

Click on the school you are applying for, find “About the School”, click “Faculty &Staff”, you can find supervisor’s information

2.How to contact supervisor?

(1)Collect supervisor’s email address, prepare for writing the email

(2)Prepare materials to be attached in the email, make an appointment for interview

(3)Get “Supervisor Pre-Acceptance Letter” ready, contact supervisor to sign it if supervisor agrees to accept you


1.Please make an appointment before entering supervisor’s office.

2.Please make sure your materials are attached in the email.

3.Please make sure you have known supervisor’s academic area before contacting.

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