Introduction of the International Student Counseling Center

South China University of Technology (SCUT) International Student Counseling Center is a professional organization that is opened to all SCUT’s international students to provide psychological health education and psychological counseling services. It was founded by the National Level 2 Psychological Consultant, Dr. Shang Qing Cao, to provide psychological counseling services to students. If students encounter personal, emotional, study, work problems, the counseling center is opened to all students for related consultation.

1. Counseling idea:

“Know Yourself, Develop Your Talents, Develop Your Potentials”, better management of emotions and pressure, to build a “Positive, Happy, Healthy” attitude.

2. Counseling services’ contents:

We make use of psychological salon and psychological group activities as its unique feature and foundation to help solve the problems that students may face during their growing process. For examples: University campus life planning, career-goal planning, university students’ dating psychology, positive psychology, happiness, (study/life) de-stress methods, emotional management and adjustment, etc.

3. Introduction to Psychological Counseling Center’s Functions:

1. Sand-play Therapy Session – Spiritual garden, creation and development.

2. Psychological Hypnosis Session – Install a spiritual knob to your heart.

3. Psychological Venting Session – The secret weapon to unleash your soul.

4. Group Counseling Session – Input all, grow together.

5. Individual Counseling Session - Open your heart, free your mind.

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