About Shangqing Cao, International Student Counselor

Psychological Counselor: Shangqing Cao

PhD in Psychology, Sun-Yat Sen University; National Level 2 Psychological Consultant; High level EAP Consultant; Member of Chinese Psychological Society; Therapist of Sandbox Game; China’s Top Hundred Psychological Consultant

Personal Description: Ms. ShangQing Cao, Founder of International Student Psychological Counseling Center, presently is a teacher of the School of International Education, South China University of Technology. Ms. Cao received the title “China Wisdom Psychological Health Instructor” from the Ministry of Education’s China Wisdom Engineering Association. She also participated in China’s Campus Psychological Health Caring-Charity Activity; received the title “National Quality-Oriented Education Advanced Worker” and the title “China’s Top Hundred Psychological Consultant”.

Since 2005, Ms. Cao engaged herself in long-term psychological counseling services, research and tutoring works. Ms. Cao has a rich psychological counseling experience; she has conducted a total of 16,000 Chinese and Foreign psychological counseling cases through the methods of interviews, telephone, internet, etc.

Specialized psychological counseling areas:

1. Specialized in psychological counseling methods such as Psychoanalysis, Sand-play, Hypnotherapy, Corporate EAP lecturer training, Music Therapy, Family Constellation and so on.

2. Proficient in several psycho therapeutic techniques such as Imagery Communication, Cognitive Therapy, Solution-Focused, Picture Analysis NLP, etc.

3. Mastered psycho-dynamic techniques such as Morita Therapy, Solution-Focused Short-term Psychological Counseling, Narrative Therapy, etc.

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