Message From the President

South China University of Technology is home to some of the best and brightest minds from China and beyond. SCUT provides a conducive environment for innovation and international excellence with the school of international education as it’s gateway to the world.

The International student union has since its beginning, served as a vital and important link between students, staff and administration. Since its conception over a half a decade ago, the International Student Union has embraced cultural diversity and has promoted cultural tolerance through the organisation of several educative and entertaining cultural activities and workshops.

In 2015, under China’s One Belt One Road initiative, the International Student Union, together with the School of International  Education, hosted a city-wide cultural exchange event, featuring numerous cultural displays from several universities in Guangzhou and beyond.

Our goal as an international student union is to bridge the gap of intercultural misunderstanding and contribute greatly to a future of international excellence and equality.

We hope you enjoy your stay at South China University of Technology and join us as we reach new heights towards achieving our goals. We promise you a life changing experience here at SCUT and we believe you’ll find a home in SCUT.


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