Name: An, Ran
Sex: Female
Nationality: Han
Place of Origin: Wuhan
Academic Degree: Ph.D. in Education (The University of Reading, UK)
Academic Title: Professor of International Education
Current Position: Dean of the School of International Education
Research Areas: Multilingual and Multicultural Education,  Cross-cultural Communication and Adaptation, Global/Cross-cultural  Communication Competence
Teaching: Dr. An Ran teaches a number of courses at the School  of Journalism and Communication, School of International   Education, and School   of Public Affairs. These  courses include: Cross-cultural Communication (taught in English), Comparative  Education, Academic English Writing (taught in English), and China and World  Cultures (taught in English and designed primarily for International Students),  etc. Dr. An Ran is also a university-appointed graduate supervisor in the  program of cross-cultural communication.  

Research: Dr. An Ran has worked on a number of state  and provincially sponsored research projects since she returned to China from England in 2004. Dr. An Ran  conducted a project, “Teaching and Learning Differences Between the East and  the West”, which was sponsored by the Scientific Research Foundation for the  Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, State Education Ministry. In 2005, Dr. An  Ran edited two books Scientific Chinese:  An Intermediate Reading Course and Scientific  Chinese: An Advanced Reading Course (Beijing University Press). In 2006, Dr.  An Ran completed a project, “Forecast on International Students’ Studying in China”,  which was sponsored by the Department of International Cooperation and  Exchange, State Education Ministry. Her research report “Analyses of Factors  Affecting International Students’ Studying in China and Development of  Cross-cultural Communication Competence” was disseminated by State Education  Ministry to all the relevant institutions in every province, autonomous region,  and municipality. All the staff members in charge of international student  education are requested to read this report as reference in their practices. In  2007, Dr. An Ran took on a research, “Studies on the Terminology of  Cross-cultural Communication”, which was a part of the State Education  Ministry’s key project of philosophy and social sciences, “The Formation and  Evolution of Modern Terminology and Interactions between Chinese and Western  Cultures”. In 2008, Dr. An Ran accomplished another project, “Educational Modes  for International Students in China: From the Analyses of Demands to the  Development of Cross-cultural Adaptation Competence”, which was a part of the  educational psychology program in the 11th five-year plan for  philosophy and social sciences in Guangdong Province.

Dr. An  Ran is the author of four academic books. For the past few years, Dr. An Ran  has published a great number of research articles in international and national  journals, which include Educational  Research (ISI listed), Race,  Ethnicity and Education (ISI listed), China  Media Research (English), Intercultural  Communication Studies (English), Applied  Linguistics (Chinese), Language  Teaching and Linguistic Studies (Chinese), and Higher  Education Exploration (Chinese), etc. Dr. An Ran is also a well-known poet,  and her extraordinary literary talent is displayed in a collection of her most  recently published poems “My Heart in Peace” (Writers Publishing House).

                    In 2009, Dr.    An Ran was a state-appointed reviewer for both the program of cross-cultural    communication in the National Social Science Research Funding and the State    Education Ministry’s Academic     Degree Development     Center. In 2009, Dr. An    Ran was also a member of “the Strategic Research Committee for Improving    Guangdong’s International Communication Capacity on a Global Scale”. In 2008,    Dr. An Ran served as a curriculum reviewer for the National Bilingual    Education.                           

Awards: In 2008, Dr. An    Ran received “the SCUT Award for 100 Outstanding Faculty of 30 Years of    Reform and Open-door Policy” owing to her significant academic achievements    and professional contributions.

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