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Undergraduate Programs (Chinese-medium)




(4 years, Architecture Related and Medicine Majors:5 years)


School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

- Mechanical Engineering

- Mechatronic Engineering

- Vehicle Engineering

- Process Equipment and Control Engineering

- Process Equipment and Control Engineering (Light Industry Machinery and Plastic


- Energy Power Engineering (Refrigeration and Air-conditioning)

- Energy Power Engineering (Vehicle Engine)

- Safety Engineering

- Materials Molding and Control Engineering (Metal)

- Materials Molding and Control Engineering (Polymer)


Core Curriculum:

Engineering Thermodynamics, Mechanical Principles, Mechanical Design, Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacturing, Engineering Mechanics, Fundamentals of Mechanical Designing, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, Automatic Control Theory


School of Architecture (5 years)

- Architecture

- Urban and Rural Planning

- Landscape Architecture


Core Curriculum:

Architectural Design, Principles of Architectural Design, Fundamentals of Architectural Design, Fine Arts, History of Chinese Architecture, History of Western Architecture, Computer-Aided Design


School of Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering

- Civil Engineering

- Engineering Management

- Traffic Engineering

- Transportation

- Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

- Hydraulic and Hydro-Power Engineering

Core Curriculum:

Theoretical Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Civil Engineering Construction, Project Management in Civil Engineering, Transport Planning, Engineering Hydrology


School of Electric Power

- Electrical Power Engineering and Automation

- Energy and Power Engineering

- Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology (Nuclear Power Plant)


Core Curriculum:

Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer Theory, Principles of Turbine, Fundamentals of Mechanical Designing, Circuit, Visual Basic Program Design


School of Electronic and Information Engineering

- Information Engineering

- Electronic Science and Technology


Core Curriculum:

Circuit, Analog Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, Signal and System, Microcomputer System and Interface, Digital Signal Processing, Telecommunication Circuit, Elements of Information Theory


School of Automation Science and Engineering

- Automation

- Intelligence Science and Technology


Core Curriculum:

Analog Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, Power Electronic Technology, Introduction to Intelligent Control, Computer Network and Telecommunication


School of Materials Science and Engineering

- Polymer Materials and Engineering

- Biomedical Engineering

- Electro-optical Information Science and Engineering (Photoelectric Device) 

- Materials Science and Engineering (Inorganic Non-metal Materials)

- Materials Science and Engineering (Metallic Materials)

- Materials Science and Engineering (Material Chemistry)

- Electronic Science and Technology (Electronic Materials and Device)


Core Curriculum:

Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering, Fundamentals of Materials Science, Solid Physics, Thin Film Physics and Technology, Optoelectronic Materials and Devices


School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

- Chemical Engineering and Technology

- Applied Chemistry

- Energy Chemistry Engineering

- Pharmaceutical Engineering


Core Curriculum:

Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Experiment, Biological Chemistry, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Chemical Engineering Design, Automatic Control Technology and Theory, Petroleum Processing


School of Light Chemistry and Food Science

- Light Chemical Engineering

- Resources Environment Science

- Food Science and Engineering

- Food Quality and Safety


Core Curriculum:

Principles of Chemical Engineering, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, Food Analysis, Principles of Food Processing and Storage


School of Mathematics

- Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

- Information and Computing Science

- Information Management and System


Core Curriculum:

Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Principles of Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Data Structure

School of Physics and Optoelectronic Technology

- Applied Physics

- Electro-optical Information Science and Engineering (Electro-optical Information)


Core Curriculum:

Fundamental Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics, Circuit and Analog Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, Solid Physics, Computational Physics, Mathematical Physics Equation, Semiconductor Physics and Device, Optics, Optical Information and Photoelectronics, Elements of Information Theory, Signal and System, Digital Signal Processing, Principle of Communication, Data Structure


School of Business Administration

- Business Administration

- Accounting


Core Curriculum:

Micro-Economics, Macro-Economics, Principles of Management, Accounting, Principles of Marketing, Organization Behavior, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Statistics for Management, Operations Research, Basic Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Advanced Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Auditing, Accounting Information System, International Accounting


School of Public Administration

- Administration Management


Core Curriculum:

Principles of Management, Principles of Political Science, Administration Science, Western Economics, Economics of Public Sectors, Public Policy Analysis, Public Human Resource Management, Organization Behavior


School of Foreign Languages

- Business English

- Japanese


Core Curriculum:

Basic English, Advanced English, Translation Theory and Skills, Interpretation, Selected Readings in British Literature, Selected Readings in American Literature, English Listening Comprehension, English Reading, English Writing, English Speaking, Basic Japanese, Advanced Japanese, Chinese-Japanese Translation, Chinese-Japanese Interpretation, Selected Readings of Japanese Literature, Japanese Reading, Japanese Listening Comprehension, Japanese Writing, Japanese Speaking


School of Physical Education

- Sports Training


Core Curriculum:

Sports Anatomy, Athletic Physiology, Athletic Training, Athletic Psychology, Sport Biomechanics, Sports Medicine, Sports Scientific Research Methods, Special Teaching Theory and Practice of Training, General Teaching Theory and Practice of Training



School of Computer Science and Engineering

- Computer Science and Technology (Chinese Medium)

- Computer Science and Technology (English Medium)

- Network Engineering

- Information Security


Core Curriculum:

Advanced Language Program Design, Data Structure, Introduction to Computer Science, Database, Digital Logic, Discrete Mathematics

School of Software Engineering

- Software Engineering

Core Curriculum:

Introduction to Computer and Software Engineering, Discrete Mathematics, Digital Logic, Data Structure and Algorithm, Operating System, Compiling Technology, Computer Network, Database System, Software Architecture, Software Testing and Maintenance


School of Environment and Energy

- Environmental Science

- Water Supply and Sewerage Science and Engineering

- Environmental Engineering (Chinese Medium)

- Environmental Engineering (Bilingual Medium)

Core Curriculum:

Fundamentals of Computer, College Physics, College Physical Experiment, Organic Chemistry, Visual Basic Program Design, Environmental Monitoring


School of Bioscience and Bioengineering

- Biotechnology

- Bioengineering

- Biopharmaceutics

Core Curriculum:

Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Modern Biochemical Technology, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry


School of Journalism and Communication

- Journalism Studies

- Communication Studies

- Advertising

Core Curriculum:

Fundamentals of Journalism, Network communication, Audiovisual Production, Principles of Advertising, Basic Photography, Basic Cinematography, Introduction to Mass Media, Introduction to Brandology, Integrated Marketing Communication, Public Relations, Survey and Statistical Analysis, Brand Strategy Management, Classical Brand Cases (Bilingual), Consumer Behaviors Research (Bilingual)


School of Arts

- Musicology

- Dancing

- Music Performance

Core Curriculum:

Solfeggio, Harmony, Musical Form and Works Analysis, Introduction to Music, History of Chinese Music, History of Western Music

School of Design

- Industrial Design

- Environmental Design

- Product Design

- Costume Design

- Costume Design (Costume Design and Performance)


Core Curriculum:

Design Sketch, Chromatics, Introduction to Industrial Design, History of Industry Design, Presentation Technology, Methodology for Product and Process Design, Industrial Design, Engineering Fundamentals, Basis of Design, Introduction to Design, History of Design

School of Law (School of Intellectual Property)


-Intellectual Property


Core Curriculum:

Introduction to Jurisprudence, Professional Ethics of Law, Legal Logic, Nomology, Constitution, Generality of Criminal Law, Generality of Civil Law, Business Law, Economic Law, Intellectual Property Law


School of Economics and Commerce

- Economics

- Electronic Business

- Logistics Engineering

- Tourism Management

- Economics and Management of Convention and Exhibition

- Finance

- International Economics and Trade (Chinese Medium)

- International Economics and Trade (English Medium)

Core Curriculum:

Macro-Economics, Micro-Economics, Principles of Economics, Finance, Principles of Management 

School of International Education

- Bachelor of Arts in Chinese as a Foreign Language

Core Curriculum:

Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese, Chinese Speaking, Chinese Reading, Chinese Listening Comprehension, Newspaper and Periodical Reading, Fundamentals of Writing, Academic Writing, Introduction to China, Introduction to Chinese Culture, Operating Computer under Chinese Interface, Employing Chinese Reference Books


School of Medicine (5 years)

-Medical Imaging


Core Curriculum:

Anthroponomy, Medical Imaging Physics, Sectional Anatomy, Anatomy in Medical Imaging

Mathematic Modules for Each Major



(1) Graduated from high school or the equivalent courses with good record.

 (2) Language requirements for Chinese-Medium Programs:

   New HSK Band 4 with scores above 180 for Science or Engineering studies;

   New HSK Band 5 with scores above 180 for Liberal Arts, Economics, or Management Studies.

 (3) Language requirements for English-Medium Programs (only for non-English speaking countries):

   -TOEFL IBT 68 or above;

   -IELTS 5.5 above or above.

 (4) Language requirements for Bilingual Program:

   - New HSK Band 4 with scores above 180 points;

   - TOEFL IBT 68 / IELTS 5.5 above (only for non-English speaking countries).

 (5) Those students who are exempt from submitting English Language Certificate:

   -English speaking countries (including countries with English as official language, common language or     

     the Commonwealth member countries);

   -Highest degree education is taught in English.

 (6) Those who do not have a HSK certificate can study one year Chinese Language program at SCUT prior to their degree programs until they obtain the required certificate.

 (7) To apply for music related programs, please submit a DVD or CD of your live performance. To apply for architecture related programs, please submit a portrait and a still life drawn by your own. To apply for design related programs, please submit two pieces of your own designs.

 (8) For those who missed the HSK, IELTS or TOEFL in the application year can apply to attend the Language Proficiency Test held by the School of International Education, SCUT. Students’ test scores will also be considered in the admission procedure.

 (9) Two weeks after the semester starts, the application for changing the major will not be accepted.


Before 30th June each year.



September of each year.


Please refer to the last page.

5.  Notes

Majors’ names, schools’ names and the affiliation are all subject to SCUT’s latest documents.


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