Why Should English Majors Improve Their Chinese—2012级2班 温晴晴
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    Recently, Beijing reformed the College Entrance Examination. More scores were added to Chinese and Mathematics, and the scores of English were relatively decreased. It’s a sign that much importance was attached to the subject of Chinese. Some English major students might think that they prefer to focus on English study rather than concentrate on their first language. In my opinion, English majors should promote their Chinese level so that they can better understand different cultures—the native one and the foreign one, which are presented in languages.
    Accumulating Chinese knowledge can help students improve their understanding of Chinese culture. This can build a basis of cross-culture communication. We can find a lot of idioms and proverbs in Chinese. Most of them tell meaningful stories. But, if we can’t understand what they really mean, how can we explain them to foreigners? And how can we explicitly show Chinese culture implying in them? Therefore, English majors need to accumulate more Chinese knowledge, especially those relating to traditional culture. Once we gain more about Chinese, we will improve more in our mother tongue so that we can better express our view about our own culture.
    Moreover, improving the Chinese level is conducive to enhancing the translation skill, which is helpful to student’s English study. And if students smoothly translate or interpret something from one language to another, they can do well in finding common ground between different cultures. Translation, to some extent, represents “find the same to bridge the cultural gap”. For instance, in some serials, the subtitles translators will add some slangs or buzzwords that don’t appear in the original text. And in this way, the viewers can find more familiarity even if the stories coming from totally distinct background. Good translations can seek the same among differences in cultures. Of course, it not only requires good command of foreign languages, like English, but also requires better command of native language. Should the English major students have an outstanding ability in using Chinese into their translation, they can grasp the same in various cultures easier.
    Last but not least, having a better command of Chinese can encourage English majors to explore more cultural phenomena. Languages are always developing. Numerous of new items reflecting numerous of cultural phenomena emerge as time goes by. In the process of getting familiar with those Chinese or English items, students are also exploring the culture behind them.
As English major students, we still have a long way to go. We ought to do well in our major, and more importantly, we ought to improve our native language—Chinese, and in this way, we can better understand our own culture and the foreign cultures as well.