An Interview 2012级2班 陈俊成
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      The thoughtless are rarely wordless.

                                            —Howard W. Newton


An Interview  20122  陈俊成





Considering the current employment demands, we felt stressed to get an ideal job. It seemed a very world that we college students must look for any intern opportunity for ourselves. Everyday I saw people in a formal dress with tie and shoes walk in the campus. Some of them were good at communication. Some behaved like a sober-realist. However, Ivan Brown belonged to neither kind. He regarded himself as a fluent speaker with great confidence. But I thought he was too lazy to prepare an interview. He was just proud of his nonstop jabber.

One night, he came to my classroom, exclaiming with great excitement.

“Tab, tell you a big event, tomorrow I’ll go for an interview. And I believe that I can get the job.”

“Why are you so sure?” I asked in confusion.

“Oh, come on, as you know, that company shows great appreciation for those fluent speakers so as to attract more customers. I must be the employee they want.” Ivan said, and then blew out a laugh.

“Good luck!” I said with a bitter smile.

The next day, when we other applicants were all waiting outside for the interview, Ivan walked in the room, and then sat beside a man. The man just smiled without saying anything.

“Hello, are you one of those applicants? I’m also the one to take part in today’s interview. Are you ready yet?” Ivan asked casually, while the man was just smiling.

“Hey, man! You looked so quiet. This manager must be in want of a good speaker. Don’ you know that?” Ivan asked. But the man still smiled at him, making no answer.

“I think I am much more suitable than you. I suggest you had better find another interview. Fat chance of that!” Ivan said again, with a contemptuous laugh. The man still sat there quietly, smiling.

A few minutes later, another man in uniform came in. “Hello! Attention please! Now our interview will begin.” He said loudly.

Suddenly, he walked toward to the man sitting beside Ivan.

“Manager, why are you sitting there? Can you interview these applicants now?” The man in uniform asked. And Ivan became speechless.

“Ahhyouyou are the manager?” Ivan froze up. The manager smiled at him again.

“I want to sit there for a rest, but there is an odd bird keep chattering beside me. All right, let’s begin!”