The Zoo 2012级3班 刘洁琪
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    The news of a beaver from Canada coming to the zoo rocked this city. When the weekend came, the zoo was crowded with people, especially kids.

     As a newcomer to the zoo, the beaver hid behind the rockery, gossiping with other animals.

    “Is it really a zoo?”

    “Yes. What’s the problem,” said a monkey, sitting on the rockery.

    “Oh my god, there are much more people than animals in the zoo!” The beaver stared with wonder at the crowd.

     Suddenly, a peanut hit the beaver from behind him. He turned back and found a kid standing toward him, with a handful of peanuts.

    “What should I do? They’ve found me. Maybe I should go into the details about the zoo rules earlier.” He whispered to the monkey, rolling his eyes to ask for help.

    “Don’t be so silly, my friend. The zoo rules are always set for people, not us.” The monkey winked at him and climbed off the rockery. He picked up the peanut and threw it back right on the kid’s head.

    “No feeding! Don’t you see the zoo rules you human beings set for yourself?” Monkey shouted.

As expected, the naughty kid rushed to his parents, crying and pointing at the monkey. Later, he came towards the beaver and the monkey. Riding on his father's shoulder with a stick, he was able to touch those animals behind the fence. He wielded the wooden stick at random, and it turned out that he wanted to act like another monkey, Sun Wukong. He drove away the monkey and reached the beaver to stroke its fur.

     The beaver abruptly robbed the stick and gnawed away on it as he usually did in the wild naturally. But in the zoo, it might be dangerous.

With more and more people gathered, the zookeeper came after the noise. The beaver slid through the water so that he wouldn’t be punished.

     After a while, the monkey came near the pool and said to the beaver, “They have gone. Never mind. If you stay for longer, you will get used to them.”

The beaver raised his head up to surface and looked around. People were throwing rubbish, feeding animals or going through the fence. People stayed every corner of the zoo, but animal could just stay behind the fence or in the cage.

    Was the zoo still a home for animals? Human seemed always feel rather at ease than animals in the zoo.