A New Bicycle 2012级2班 王乐韬
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    Bicycles are common in our lives now. But back to the year when I was only 7 years old, having a bicycle was every boy's dream and I was no exception. I can still remember how much I admired those older boys when I saw them shouting and chasing each other on their bicycles. It seems stupid now, but in a 7-year-old boy's eyes, they were like knights in the Middle Ages, like warriors in three kingdoms period and like soldiers in Star Wars. In a word, a bicycle could realize a young boy's craziest fantasy.

    But no matter how I wanted a bicycle, I had to face the truth that I couldn't ride it. I didn't know how to ride a bike at that time because I was too afraid of learning it. I had seen a boy who fell from his bike and broke his arm. That scared me. I warned myself frequently, "It's so dangerous that even a skillful rider like him could possibly break his arm. I will definitely get hurt if I try to ride a bike." So I was really hesitant about whether to have a bicycle. The fear of injuring myself got in the way every time I wanted to have a bicycle.

    This problem was finally solved by my father on a Friday afternoon. When I was on my way home after school, I found my father waiting for me in front of our apartment, with a new bicycle beside him.

    He said, "I think it's time for you to have your own bike and I know you always want one."

    Then he showed me my new bike. It was a brand-new dark blue bike with silver pattern, shining with metallic luster. Although it now seems not special at all, to me the bike was like a fancy racing car at that time. My eyes were shiny with excitement.

    My father said, "Come on, son, let me teach you how to ride it."

    Then he helped me to get on the bike and started pushing me from behind. I pedaled tremblingly with both fear and excitement. Suddenly my father stopped, and it became hard for me to keep the balance. I was panic and the bike began to fall to one side, but amazingly I managed to support it with my leg at the last moment. I was so happy and surprised that I was not hurt, and my father's smile told me that he believed I could control it. The first try encouraged me a lot. I learned that I was able to protect myself. So I couldn't wait to do it again and the more I tried, the more confident I was about myself. After a few falling, I could finally ride freely and I was glad that I didn't break any of my bones. That was one of my happiest days because not only I learned how to ride a bike, but also I learned that you can do anything if you keep trying.

    There are many things we want to do but haven't done yet because of our fears. We are afraid of getting hurt, being heart-broken, or just losing our money. But if we don't even try to do those things, we may regret for the rest of our lives. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Thanks to my new bicycle, for showing me the true meaning of this sentence.