A New Way to Be Your Friend 2012级3班 钱柏潇宇
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“Why didn't you reply to my messages?” My voice must not be so friendly.

“You sent me a message? Oh...I haven't bothered to check it since I downloaded Wechat. C'on, Ray and I, we all use it now. We've asked you to download it for many times!”

“Fine. But my old phone is not able to download this kind of app. I am thinking about buying a new one.”

“That's it! Oh... Somebody is calling me in MSN. So see ya!”

“OK, but I—”


I had no choice but to hang up the phone.

At least I knew why none of my best friends seemed to receive my postcards since they didn't even have time to check their messages, let alone mailboxes.

Don’t take me an old-school, I am just missing the excitement when I found a postcard laying there from my friend. Obviously my friends don't enjoy it.

And finally a new app—WeChat, was in my phone. Of course, a new phone. And I finally got a chance to talk to my friends again.

They let me into a talking group they built and we talked a lot like we have met just for a minute, but only in the first few days.

And then somehow this little group became silent. I tried to prod a subject sometimes, nobody with me, though.

God knows what else apps they are using now.

This all happened in the last semester. And then we embraced our summer vacation. Perhaps it was my studies that make me a person who had no time to be worried about the relationship with my friends, but I would have enough time to deal with it in the vacation.

So the very first thing I did after coming back to ShenZhen was to call my friends out with me. Face-to-face communication is always better than through tools, I thought. But what I did not think of was that they refused me. How could that happened? Oh, I can’t say that they refused me literally, but instead of going out with me, they asked me to download a massive multi-player online game and join their fighting group.

What did they say exactly?

Yes, it was “It is a far too convenient way to hang out together.”

It made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

What I was supposed to do is sitting beside you, having a brief lunch with you, and laughing at your awkward moments in your last semester that you would share with me.

But instead, I was killing the virtual monsters with you in the internet.

It was just...disappointing.

But I am not the type that likes to make noise when I am not satisfied, so I just quited the group quietly and disappeared for a while, waiting for them to contact me.

But guess what was the another thing that I did not expect? Yes, they did not seem to find out that I left the game. That was a big group, more than a hundred members in it, I have to admit. But it could not be the reason that they ignored me. Maybe the truly reason was that they realized that I was not interested in this game.

I was not. But it was still a little hurt.

At that moment, the memories cascaded from there—years of companionship and happiness of being with them. I have clear memories of sitting in a cafe with them, of talking about the interesting things happened around us and laughing together.

The way we had fun used to be simple. But now with the development of modern technology, I have to buy a new phone, to download a new app or a new game to be their friend, while the times we meet become less and less. Because the way we talk and play with each other becomes so convenient, too convenient. Maybe the excitement of meeting friends is losing its charm because of this kind of convenience. But indifference should not be the thing that technology brings to us.

My friends are obsessed with a new way—talking through phones and playing through computers. But I just don't like it. If for nothing else, then for the inability of seeing my friends’ faces. Oh, they may say that we certainly can see each other through the computer camera, but where is the fun?

I was wondering when we can “borne back ceaselessly into the past”, into the good old days.

Am I too emotional? When I was mocking myself, the phone rang. It was one of my friend.

“It’s that you? Are you OK?” She sounded worried.

“uh...yes? Why?”

“We are afraid that you got ill since you left our group so suddenly and didn't reply to our messages!”

“Oh...sorry. So you did find out my leaving? And even left me some messages?”

“Of course! We contacted you in WeChat group and QQ but it seemed that you didn't use them anymore...But thank god your phone is open.”

Oh my god. I did shield them down and I forgot I did it, so that was why I did not receive anything.

That was ...awkward, but was also of solace to me.

“So happy to hear that you're OK! Uh...and...Ray and I talked before I call you...We both think that we did wrong...Actually, we also want to go out and hang out! We haven’t seen each other for a long time!”

After this call, I checked those messages immediately. There they were.

Maybe I should also look at this new way in a new light. After all, it is so convenient to deliver care and love.