[Lecture, Jan 09] The Impact of Firm’s Social Media Analytics on Business Performance and Overview of Empirical Operations Management Data Sources

time: 2020-01-06

Title: The Impact of Firm’s Social Media Analytics on Business Performance and Overview of Empirical Operations Management Data Sources

Speaker: Minhao Zhang, Lecturer, University of Bristol

Time: 9:00 am, January 9, 2020

Venue: Room 109, Building 12, Wushan Campus

Introduction to the speaker:

 Minhao is a Lecturer in Operations Management at the University of Bristol, where he is also a Programme Director for the MSc Global Operations and Supply Chain Management. He graduated from the University of York, where he pursued his PhD study. During his time at York he was involved in a range of research projects exploring supply chain risks, funded by CILT and SAMS, and from there he set out on a research journey in the broad area of empirical study in operations management and big data analytics in social media. The theme throughout Minhao’s current work is management to ensure sustainable and resilient supply chains. Thanks to various cross-disciplinary research collaborations, Minhao has published papers in the fields of supply chain management, environmental management, big data and sociology.


As a communication channel between business and stakeholders, social media platform enables the company to collect massive customer-generated data. To sustain competitive advantage in today turbulent business environment, leveraging social media analytics has become an essential strategic action of a company. The purpose of this study is to apply the extended resource-based view to examine the antecedents and performance outcome of social media analytics initiatives. Using both subjective and objective measures from different sources, the authors collect data from 141 hotels and their archival data from TripAdvisor for testing the hypothesised relationships. Data were analysed through structural equations modelling. We obtained the significant results confirm the positive association between social media analytics initiatives and business performance. Results also suggest that the two components within organisational agility (i.e. sensing capability and responding capability) are two important antecedents of social media analytics initiatives. More importantly, social media analytics initiatives significantly mediate the influence of organisational agility on business performance. This is one of the few empirical studies demonstrate the role of organizational capability on operational performance through examining a multiple-sourced data sample.