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March 13, 2010, the juniors and seniors of School of Foreign Languages came to the Guangdong Science Center as volunteers. In high spirits they took a bus to the South Campus from the North Campus, though they got up very early and the fog was heavy.
It was said that a foreign tour group and some ambassadors would come here, so all the volunteers paid all their attention to the administrators’ when they explained. There are many sections in the Guangdong Science Center, where the volunteers are distributed into the “experimentation section”, “digital section” and “theater section”. All the volunteers explained carefully and patiently to the visitors, fulfilling their goals to satisfy everyone. All the volunteers considered the activity as a meaningful experience, through which the abilities of sociality and expression are greatly improved.
The volunteer activity successfully came to an end at 4:00p.m. After that the volunteers shared their fun in work   and they all envied the two volunteers in the theater, who had watched 3D movies for the whole day. One of the volunteers said that the full use of what they have learnt can urge them to become more confident to face the coming challenges. The volunteers feel happy and satisfied though they were tired.
A day past, but the will to go towards will not stop. We will contribute ourselves to our SCUT and regard volunteer as an honor.(Ivy Lv)