Lectures Given by Professor. Li Defeng from University of Macau
time: 2017-11-17

Professor Li Defeng of the University of Macau gave several lectures on “Where Shall We Tell Our Students to Look in Simultaneous Interpreting: An Eye-tracking Study”in the School of Foreign Languages of South China University of Technology (SCUT) from November 14thto 16th, ,2017. Professor Li Defeng is a the professor of translation atin the University of Macau and the director of the Cognitive Research Center for Translation. The special lectures wereare hosted by Associate Professor Zhu Xianlong with Professor Cai Jinting and many students participating.

                                             Associate Professor Zhu Xianlong hosting the lecture

Professor Li Defeng mainly studies Translatology and Second Language Teaching, includinginclude translation empirical research methodology, cognitive process of translation and interpretation , corpus-aided translation studies and professional translation studies (e.g., commercial, financial and other professional translation studies, etc.), qualitative research methods, translation curriculum, and teaching and research, and the second language teaching methodology. , etc. He has published more than 100 academic papers in international SSCI and A&HCI and domestic CSSCI journals such as Journal of Foreign Languages, Chinese Translators Journal, and other academic periodicals.etc.

                                  Professor Li Defeng is giving his lecture.

Professor Li Defeng’slecture s wasare divided into six areasparts. First, an comprehensive the overview ofTranslatology.He has mainly introduced the present situation and future prospect of translation studies. Second, the study of normative translation studies and the transformation of linguistic symbols and the exchange of culture in translation. Third, onthe functional translation theory. Fourth, regardingthe descriptive translation studies. Fifth, the latestcutting-edge development of translation, namely, corpus and cognitive translation studies. Finally, sSixth, conducted a lecture on "Where Shall We Tell Our Students to Look in Simultaneous Interpreting: An Eye-tracking Study".

                           The teachers and students listened attentively.

Professor Li Defeng has given studentssome translation exercises and encouraged the students to communicate with each other. The students participated in the discussion actively.

                                                                                 Q&A part

Professor Li Defeng conductedhas given his lectures for three days and he hopinged that students couldhave a better understanding of how to translation, make full use of translation and interpretation opportunities in the future.

                                                                                                                                Translated by Tang Cuicui