Professor Liu Maosheng Shared his research on George Bernard Shaw’s Drama
time: 2017-09-15

On September 14th in the afternoon, our first academic lecture of this semester was held in the room 4502 in the School of Foreign Languages. Professor Liu Maosheng of Jiangxi Normal University was invited to give a lecture to share his study on George Bernard Shaw’s Drama for teachers and students. This lecture was presided over by Dr. Zhou Hao of the School of Foreign Languages, withand all the teachers and students participatinged in the lecture.

                                                   Professor Liu Maosheng gave his wonderful explanation.

                                                                   Dr. Zhou Hao hosted the lecture.

First, Professor Liu Maosheng has told students the reasons why he started studying Bernard Shaw’s Drama and introduced some new focuses on Shaw’s Drama. Then, he made a comparison among the studies of John Keats, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw from the perspective of moral ethics. Professor Liu Maosheng has said “that there is a lot of voice in the poem, which is not only to be seen with the eyes, but also to be heard.”

Professor Liu Maosheng went on to elaborate on the conflict and fusion of Oscar Wilde's art and morality, and introduced the background of the research topics of Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw i. In the process of choosing the topic. Oscar Wilde's art proposition is "art for the sake of art". Therefore, art is not concerned with morality, and its aestheticism is full of deviant meanings.

                                       All the teachers and students are focusingdevoting themselves to the report.

Next, Professor Liu Maosheng reported on the ethical tradition of Bernard Shaw's drama creation, Professor Liu Maosheng introduced the purpose of the research on Bernard Shaw's drama and analyzed the original intention of taking "tradition" as the innovation point in his own research. We learned about the fact that the local funeral tradition was a great obstacle to social development and explained the argument that the traditional moral requirements did not meet the practical requirements of development.

The Victorian literary creation and literary criticism focused on the meaning of morality and religion. literature is beneficial to the people, and drama is the factory of thought. By introducing Bernard Shaw's masterpiece of social issues, Mrs. Warren's Profession, and Pygmalion, Professor Liu deeply analyzed "promoting good and punishing evil", the construction of social ideal and ethical issues. There is something common in human nature, the moral basis of resonance.

                                      Teachers and students actively asked questions and interacted with each other.

                                                 Professor Liu Mao-sheng 's sharing and Analysis

Finally, Professor Liu Mao-sheng said, "Interdisciplinary research is the general trend in the future, and there will be appropriate adjustments to our own research model in the future." Professor Liu Maosheng's sharing and analysis have provided a lot of useful guidance for our academic research.


                                                                                                                               Translated by Tang Cuicui