Internet+ Competition

Projects Selected to the Final

BiofactantAfag HashimovaBaku Higher Oil School阿塞拜疆中国石油大学 (北京)
Fast Non-Radiation Mammography Intelligent Diagnostic MonitorLibeamlak Zelalem TadesseBule Hora University埃塞俄比亚西安电子科技 大学
Bridge Doctor——Leader of intelligent inspection of bridgesYongding TianMonash University澳大利亚东南大学
EcoRipe - Creating a new chapter in fruit ripeningBennet Sam ThomasMonash University澳大利亚华南理工大学
HyperLaserZeyu HuangThe University of Sydney澳大利亚江西理工大学
解癌神钥-全球领先的新型 CART/NK 细胞产品 /A Key to cancer treatment- Global Leading Tumour Therapy Products CAR-T/NK CellsFangzhou LiuMonash University澳大利亚温州医科大学
Future generation masks for inactivation of bacteria and viruses by (ZnO-η-Mo4O11)@graphene (GZM composites) Photocatalyst.Rasheed AdeelUniversity of Engineering and Technology Lahore巴基斯坦华南理工大学
Ultra-precision machine tool, precision intelligent tool holderMuhammad Mubashar SaeedUniversity of Engineering and Technology Lahore巴基斯坦南京理工大学
New material of high flame retardant nano-composite leather -Get more time for fire fighting and escapeWarda BaigNED University of Engineering and Technology巴基斯坦陕西科技大学
P&C Packaging MachineSAJJAD ALIPeshawar University of Engineering and Technology巴基斯坦温州大学
Honglian hybrid riceAbdul RasheedUniversity of the Punjab, Pakistan巴基斯坦武汉大学
Green Union——The Guardian of Health Care in AfricaAGO AbelUniversity of Abomey- Calavi贝宁宁波大学
KITCHEN SCAVENGERYuke CengUniversity of Leuven, Belgium比利时浙江工业大学
Advanced Robot-assisted System for Dental SurgeryMingchuan ZhouTechnical University of Munich德国华南理工大学
Ekza. The universe of computer graphicsMark NedzelskiiBaikal State University俄罗斯Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Russia)
Anti-interference vision-based drine swarmYanru XieBauman Moscow State Technical University俄罗斯北京理工大学
Lacey Magnetic Materials 一 Create a new chapter of high efficient rare earth permanent magnets.Gleb MilyutinSaint-Petersburg Mining University俄罗斯华南理工大学
JetPack MAIDenis ProkopenkoMoscow aviation institute俄罗斯华南理工大学
HangYu Taking-off - The leader of future aircraft landing systemsTianchi GaoMoscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)俄罗斯南京航空航天大学
Mostar PowerJIE ZHOUMoscow Aviation Institute俄罗斯南京航空航天 大学
healerBOUHOUILA Mohamed ElbachirMunicipal budgetary educational institution gymnasium №6. Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region俄罗斯宁波大学
Porous polymeric materials, based on cage-like organosiloxanes, as adsorbents for water purificationSOLDATOV MIKHAILEnikokopov Institute of Synthetic Polymeric materials, the Foundation of Russian Academy of Sciences俄罗斯山东大学
Nano self cleaning photocatalytic materialsschen YangEcole Centrale de Lyon & UCBL Lyon 1 & INSA de Lyon法国北京科技大学
Crenext AI+STEAM Learning SystemYao SHIUniversité de Nantes法国华南理工大学
Visible light positioning system for location-based Service in industrial 4.0 internet of ThingsWatrelot HippolyteISEP法国南京航空航天大学
Yuan Zao——Develop of high-tech industry chain for extracting seaweedJADE SYMON BINAYBATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY菲律宾宁波大学
Human Adenosine deaminsases ADA1 and ADA2Chengqian LIUUniveristy of Helsinki芬兰华南理工大学
Enzyme BuilderXiaodan OuyangUNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI芬兰华南理工大学
UAT-FAST of China Nuclear IndustryMingyang MaDaegu University韩国东华理工大学
AI-empowered UAV——Adaptive Control Forerunner for Hybrid Electric UAVSuli ZouUniversity of Groningen荷兰北京理工大学
IntelLeg Knee - the Powered Prosthetic KneeShiqian WangDelft University of Technology荷兰哈尔滨工业大学
Anticancer BioBone: new era for bone cancer treatmentMingjie WangFree University of Amsterdam荷兰华南理工大学
Sun——The pioneer of self- powered GPS insoleAmin Osman AhmedUniversity of Djibouti吉布提浙江师范大学
Hydrogen Source Technologypeng lvUniversité du Québecà Trois-Rivières加拿大东华理工大学
Polymeric Lignin-based Natural SunscreenLei LeiMcMaster University加拿大华南理工大学
Vegalbum - Functional Blood Protein Products for Oral Clinical NutritionJacob KaizerUniversity for Development Studies加纳华南理工大学
Novel TiO2 Blend Perovskite as Memory DeviceGregory ThienUniversity of Malaya马来西亚华南理工大学
Huachuang Industrial RobotsHao ZhangFlorida State University美国安徽工业大学
戒定 App / QuitExpert AppHarry ChenUniversity of California, Berkeley美国北京大学
3D Smart Display——The leader of Glasses-Free 3D Display SolutionYuhao WangUniversity of California, Los Angeles美国东南大学
新药物的人工智能辅助设计Min MengUniversity of California, San Deigo美国杭州电子科技大学
KDL Awakening Project — The first one-stop solution provider for the motor development of children aged 0 to 10 years in ChinaLingsong KongSouthern Connecticut State University美国华东师范大学
E-mental HealthXingyu ChenCarnegie Mellon University美国华南理工大学
Neo-generation 3D printing—binder jetting of light-weight aluminium alloys: high speed, lost cost, mass productionPeirong ChenUniversity of California, Irvine美国华南理工大学
Jihang Innovation —— A New Era of Unmanned Aerial OperationsHao WenUniversity of Florida美国华南理工大学
HikerPiyue caoRutgers美国华南理工大学
SMART FACTORY UPGRADE SERVICExin huangUniversity of Southern California美国华中科技大学
Fetile Land Covering A Thousand Miles—— Pioneers in Favor of The Soil and FarmersTing ShiUniversity of Delaware美国江西师范大学
Advanced Adsorption MaterialsShucheng ChenStanford University美国南京大学
Foreign Object Monitoring System for Metro Tunnel based on 3D GIS and Distributed Optical Fiber Vibration Sensing TechnologyZhiqiang WuUniversity of South Florida美国南京理工大学
A Convenient Scleral Fixator Without Sutureyangyang XuThe New England College of Optometry美国温州医科大学
HEALER- WOUND REPAIR PIONEERTao LuNortheastern University美国浙江科技学院
Insight Fast Recommendation - an intelligent recommendation system based on machine learningYi HuGeorgia Institute of Technology美国中国传媒大学
World Heritage Promotion Project—— Build a Community with a Shared Future for MankindPengfei ZhaoCornell University美国中国传媒大学
Light Deformation-International Leading Manufacturer of EMP Manufacturing EquipmentWeijie QiuCase Western Reserve University美国重庆大学
Green Cycle, Embrace the Desert - A Practical Exploration of the Ecological Utilization of Waste TiresHAJAR ECH-CHAJIYMohammed V University: Faculty of Science摩洛哥陕西科技大学
Affordable Off-Grid DC MicrogridsOluleke BabayomiUniversity of Lagos尼日利亚山东大学
PLASTIC PLANET -- Reducing Carbon dioxide (CO2) Emission Through an Innovative Recycling of Waste PlasticAbdulakeem TemitopeOsun State University尼日利亚西安科技大学
Anti-UAVs Mobile SystemRenato FerreiraISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon葡萄牙南方医科大学
iwater--新一代空气源直饮水系统Huang HaiyanKyoto University日本广东技术师范大学
Towards high-density and small flexible electronic devices - a new generation of ultra-high dielectric liquid crystal materialsJunichi KougoTokyo Institute of Technology日本华南理工大学
Galacxy PlatingAtsushi Kobayashiiwate University日本华南理工大学
AR Intelligent Monitoring of Water Supply NetworkYu LiKyoto University日本
苏生生物---新一代关节韧带重建疗法ZENG SHENGUniversity of Zurich瑞士广东技术师范大学
CDNBye/ Cross-Platform P2P Streaming Engine for VideosMijat KustudicFaculty of Technical Sciences塞尔维亚深圳大学
Bk water purifierWalter Wilfred SilasUniversity of DaresSalaam坦桑尼亚温州大学
Flex-SkinIrene Simon MateruStefano Moshi Memorial University College坦桑尼亚西安电子科技大学
Sahara Plus---“Training, Incubator, Service, Information” 4-IN-1 Integrated Service Platform for Cross-border E-commerce in AfricaAbdulaziiz Thaburi SwaburyCOLLEGE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION坦桑尼亚浙江师范大学
Zhongwu Jingwei Jinrun Co., LtdMUTURI KIMANINKUMBA UNIVERSITY乌干达天津工业大学
擎天航发:打造强劲的“中国心”金 白乌克兰国立航空大学乌克兰南昌航空大学
Cloud Service for Automatic and Precise Tumor Radiation Treatment PlanningPANG YANSHUAIKharkiv Aviation Institute乌克兰南京航空航天大学
Leader of plugging materials for downhole cracks in oil and gas wells- Intelligent emulsion type oil well plugging agentOlloyorov Khurram ZafarovichTashkent institute of textile and light industry乌兹别克斯坦陕西科技大学
新型铬基硬质合金的研发和应用xiangxing DengUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid西班牙北京理工大学
Coordinating Water and Fire——A new force for water proof and flame retardantYe-Tang PanUniversidad Polité cnica de Madrid西班牙北京理工大学
个性化定制3D打印可降解血管支架Han YafengNational University of Singapore新加坡北京理工大学
Modular and fully automated medical service robot based on machine visionYAO ZHOUNanyang Technological University新加坡华南理工大学
FronkaRui GuoNational University of Singapore新加坡华南理工大学
AEviceMD - Remote Monitor for Asthma & COPD PatientsQi Xiang AngNanyang Technological University新加坡华南理工大学
Octopus -A system provider for drinking water refined monitoringShuting YangNanYang Technological University (NTU)新加坡宁波大学
BP-Intelligent Camera Monitoring System for Open-pit Mininghua xuNational University of Singapore新加坡武汉大学
Advanced Intelligent Composites Based on Natural 2D Bentonite Layer Structure — Innovation, Application, Enterprise and ProspectsWenxin DongNational University of Singapore新加坡西南石油大学
Estatz.comScofield LiNanyang Technological University新加坡
Orbis DiagnosticsEmerald ScofieldUniversity of Auckland新西兰
Kitchen TreasurePegah yazdanshenasAlamei Tabatabai University伊朗江西外语外贸职业学院
Intelligent Surgery Assistance System Based on VR EndoscopeMuhammad Muhammad BalaSharda university india印度西安电子科技大学
Dr.STENT—Intelligent Solutions for Vascular InterventionYuqian MeiUniversity of Sheffield英国北京理工大学
Hyzinc-The Next Generation High Safety Clean BatteryJiashuo ZhangImperial College London英国北京理工大学
Health Care Pilot-A Noval Bioresorbable StentsTIANYANG QIULoughborough Univerisity英国北京理工大学
Micro Internet of Technology energy supplier systemZHENGYANG ZHAOUniversity of Strathclyde英国北京理工大学
HawkEye— A Realtime Remote Sensing Image Interpreting System Based on Edge ComputingZihao ZhuQueen Mary University of London英国北京邮电大学
Nature Benefit Personalized Nutritional Supplements & ProbioticsZimeng ZhangUniversity of Cambridge英国广州城建职业学院
工大创维-新型量子点材料产业先驱Jianing HuiUniversity of St Andrews英国合肥工业大学
Implantable Microsystems for Personalised Anti-Cancer Therapy (IMPACT)Liyu Huangthe University of Edinburgh英国华南理工大学
Circular Economy of PlasticsXIANGYU JIEUniversity of Oxford英国华南理工大学
Providing holistic indoor air quality information to improve quality of lifeDouglas BookerLancaster University英国华南理工大学
Cell Target DiagnosticsManfredi San GermanoImperial College London英国华南理工大学
VULCANShida XuThe University of Sheffield英国江西师范大学
Empower the energy of 5G base station: Methanol-derived hydrogen energy trigeneration systemDaofan CaoUniversity of Birmingham英国南方科技大学
Hyminway - To build a leading brand in international imaging sonar industryKui XieCity, University of London英国南京航空航天大学
CARE+: World’s First Multifunctional Portable Ophthalmic Instrument Combined With Telemedicine NetworkDong ZhouUniversity of Liverpool英国温州医科大学
Celltin Mask-A Revolutionary of Traditional Medical MaskJunxiao GaoUniversity College London英国武汉大学
RoboX - A Revolutionary Operating System for RobotsChao GaoUniversity of Cambridge英国西安电子科技大学
I-Manage Internet of ThingsYang LuCity, University of London英国西安交通大学
Na-Cube--Solution of High Safety Power BatteryChuhan YuanQueen Mary University of London英国西北工业大学
纤纳光电——新一代薄膜光伏技术领军企业Jizhong YaoImperial College London英国浙江大学
Isports - Private AI Sports TrainerJINJIN HEUniversity of Birmingham英国浙江工业大学
S-parking——Pioneer of global urban shared smart parking serviceZiyuan WangKing’s College London英国浙江师范大学
AINOSTICS - The Sixth Sense of Medical DiagnosticsHojjat AzadbakhtLancaster University英国
Environmental Food Smoker——The leader of new-style smoking machine in AfricaZAGUIRA-GONDA Aubin MartialBangui University中非共和国江西外语外贸职业学院