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The master degree of environmental engineering can be offered since 1984 in South China University of Technology, which is one of the earliest institutions carrying out higher education and scientific research in environmental engineering. In 2004, School of Environmental Science and Engineering was established. In 2012, the school was renamed School of Environment and Energy, thus starting multi-subject development on environment and energy.

Since its establishment, the school has achieved leapfrog development under the support of governments at all levels, the guidance of Party Committee and administers as well as the consorted efforts of the faculty staff and students. In 2005, the school attained the right to award Ph.D. degree in the first-level discipline of Environmental Science and Engineering. In 2007, the Post-doctoral Research Station for Environmental Science and Engineering was founded and the Environment Engineering Major was listed in Guangdong Provincial Key Disciplines. After 5 years of efforts, the discipline of Environmental Science and Engineering in the school ranked 14th in the third-round national discipline assessment and evaluation. In 2014, the Environment Engineering Major obtained the National Accreditation of Engineering Education. The following year saw the self-assessment of degree authorized unit in the school and the holding of the 8th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry, both coming to a great success. In 2016, the project to establish the National Engineering Laboratory for VOCs Pollution Control Technology and Equipment was approved.

At present, the school has established several platforms such as National Engineering Laboratory, Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Guangdong Province, Engineering Research Center of Guangdong Province, and Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Guangdong Province. In addition, a teaching and research system that comprises three departments, three research institutes and one center was founded, namely Environmental Science Department, Environmental Engineering Department, Municipal Engineering Department, Environmental Science Research Institute, Environment and Ecology Research Institute, New Energy Research Institute, and Undergraduate Teaching and Experiment Center. Six academic teams were also formed, respectively focusing on Techniques and Equipment of Pollution Control, Energy Conservation and Conversion, Control Principle and Remediation Techniques of Polluted Eco-system, Nano-Functional Materials and New Energy, Theories and Techniques for Typical Industrial Wastewater Treatment, and Ecological Engineering.

Apart from scientific research and talent cultivation, several teachers won the State Science and Technology Awards and other national awards. The school has solved a list of major environmental problems nationwide, particularly those in South China. We have provided technical support for the nation's sustainable development strategy while cultivating a crowd of researchers, technical experts and administrators in the field of environment protection. Currently, the school has become a major hub of education, research, project appliance and training in the South China field of environment and new energy source.

In recent years, the school, with major needs of the nation and global frontiers of the discipline in mind, has carried out fruitful international cooperation and exchange activities in terms of research, talent cultivation and social services. Efforts has also been made to start research cooperation and joint training programs with top universities, research institutes, established corporations, and international organizations in such countries and regions as the US, Australia, Canada, France, the UK, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.

Looking into the future, we find that much still remains to be done. The faculty and students in the school will keep adhering to the principle of hardworking and perseverance and push our research and educational work to a world-class environmental discipline. On behalf of the School of Environment and Energy, we extend sincere welcome to specialists and scholars who come to the school for visit, work, lecture and exchange!

The Deam of School of Environment and Energy

South China University of Technology
                                                                   Prof. Daiqi Ye