Li, Ligui

Title:Associate Professor



Admissions Major

  • Master of academic degree: 083000| Environmental science and engineering.

  • Master of professional degree: 085700| Resources and environment.

Working experience

  • 01/2013 - Present: Associate Professor, School of Environment and Energy, South China University of Technology.

  • 06/2011-12/2012: Post-doctor, University of Utah, Tutor: Prof. Ling Zang

  • 04/2010-05/2011: Post-doctor, Drexel University, Tutor: Prof. Hai-Feng Ji

  • 10/2007-03/2008:Exchange student, Eindhoven Univ. of Technol., Tutor: Prof. Joachim Loos

Educational experience

  • 09/2004-01/2010: Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Master's degree, supervisor: Yang Xiaoniu,

  • 09/2000-07/2004: Jilin University, Undergraduate advisor: Prof. Weihong Zhou

Field of research

  • Electrocatalysis for fuel cells, metal-air batteries; electrode materials for lithium-sulfur batteries.

  • Novel anti/sterilization nanomaterials, environmental nanocatalytic materials.

Recent research projects

  • Prof.Li is currently in charge of Two projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China..

Academic achievements

  1. Wenhan Niu, Ligui Li*, Xiaojun Liu, Nan Wang, Ji Liu, Weijia Zhou, Zhenghua Tang, Shaowei Chen*, Mesoporous N-Doped Carbons Prepared with Thermally Removable Nanoparticle Templates: an Efficient Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2015, 137, 5555.

  2. Xinwen Peng*, Lei Zhang, Zhongxin Chen, Linxin Zhong, Dengke Zhao, Xiao Chi, Xiaoyu Zhao, Ligui Li*, Xihong Lu, Kai Leng, Cuibo Liu, Wei Liu, Wei Tang and Kian Ping Loh*, Hierachically Porous Carbon Plates Derived from Wood as Bifunctional ORR/OER Electrodes, Adv. Mater, 2019, DOI: 10.1002/adma.201900341.

  3. Nan Wang, Bingzhang Lu, Ligui Li*, Wenhan Niu, Zhenghua Tang, Xiongwu Kang, and Shaowei Chen*, Graphitic N is Responsible for Oxygen Electroreduction on N-Doped Carbons in Alkaline Electrolytes: Insights from Activity Attenuation Studies and Theoretical Calculations, ACS Catalysis, 2018, 8, 6827−6836.

  4. Jinghao Wu+, Lijun Hu+, Nan Wang+, Yanmin Li, Dengke Zhao, Ligui Li* et al., Surface Confinement Assisted Synthesis of Nitrogen-Doped Hollow Carbon Cages with Co nanoparticles as Breathable Electrodes for Zn-Air Batteries, Appl. Catal. B-Environ., 2019, in revision.

  5. Wenhan Niu, Ligui Li*, Ji Liu, Nan Wang, Wei Li, Zhenghua Tang, Weijia Zhou, and Shaowei Chen*, Graphene-Supported Mesoporous Carbons Prepared with Thermally Removable Templates as Efficient Catalysts for Oxygen Electroreduction, Small, 2016, 12, 1900. (highlighted by Materials View China)

  6. Dengke Zhao,# Xiaojing Zhu,# Nan Wang,# Bingzhang Lu, Ligui Li*, Shaowei Chen, Low-dimensional heteroatom-doped carbon nanomaterials prepared with thermally removable templates for the electrocatalytic reduction of oxygen, Mater. Today Chem., 2019, 11, 253..

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  8. Dengke Zhao a, Jiale Dai a, Ni Zhou a, Nan Wang a, Xinwen Peng b, Yunpeng Qu Ligui Li*, “Prussian blue analogues-derived carbon composite with cobalt nanoparticles as an efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution”, Carbon, 142 (2019) 196-205.

  9. Ni Zhou, Nan Wang, Zexing Wu and Ligui Li*, “Probing Active Sites on Metal-Free, Nitrogen-Doped Carbons for Oxygen Electroreduction: A Review”,  Catalysts, 2018, 8(11), 509.

  10. Shuaibo Zeng, Ligui Li*, Jingping Yu, Nan Wang, Shaowei Chen*, Highly crosslinked organosulfur copolymer nanosheets with abundant mesopores as cathode materials for efficient lithium-sulfur batteries, Electrochim. Acta, 2018, 263, 53.

  11. Dengke Zhao, Ligui Li*, Lihong Xie, Ni Zhou, Shaowei Chen, Sulfur codoping enables efficient oxygen electroreduction on FeCo alloy encapsulated in N-Doped carbon nanotubes, J. Alloys Comp., 2018, 741, 368.

  12. Nan Wang, Ligui Li*, Ni Zhou, Dengke Zhao, and Shaowei Chen*, Cage Breaking of C60 into Photoluminescent Graphene Oxide Quantum Dots: An Efficient Peroxidase Mimic, Phys. Status Solidi B: Solid State Phys., 2018, 255, 1700535.

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  15. Xiuxia Lin, Xiufang Wang, Ligui Li*, Mingfang Yan,* and Yong Tian*, Rupturing Cotton Microfibers into Mesoporous Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanosheets as Metal-Free Catalysts for Efficient Oxygen Electroreduction, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2017, 5, 9709−9717

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  18. Shuaibo Zeng, Ligui Li*, Dengke Zhao, Ji Liu, Wenhan Niu, Nan Wang, and Shaowei Chen*, Polymer-Capped Sulfur Copolymers as Lithium-Sulfur Battery Cathode: Enhanced Performance by Combined Contributions of Physical and Chemical Confinements, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2017, 121, 2495.

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