Zou, Dinghui





Admissions Major

  • Master's admissions major:

  • Master of academic degree: 083000| Environmental science and engineering.

  • Master of professional degree: 085700| Resources and environment.

  • Doctoral admissions major:

  • Doctor of academic degree: 083000| Environmental science and engineering.

  • Doctor of professional degree: 085700| Resources and environment.

Working experience

  • 07/2001-04/2009: Assistant Researcher, Associate Researcher, Researcher, Distinguished Professor and Doctoral Supervisor (Marine Biology), Guangdong Key Laboratory of Marine Biology, Shantou University

  • 04/2009-now: Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, School of Environment and Energy, South China University of Technology

Educational experience

  • July 1992: Graduated from Hunan Agricultural University with a bachelor's degree in tea science, Department of Horticulture.

  • August 1995: Received his M.S. degree in Plant Physiology from Nanjing Agricultural University

  • July 2001: PhD in Aquatic Biology from the Institute of Aquatic Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Field of research

  • The research direction is marine environment and biological oceanography and the main research content includes

  • ①The relationship between seaweeds and global change, mainly to study the relationship between macroalgae and the increase of atmospheric CO2 concentration, global warming and eutrophication or pollution in near-shore waters, and the bioremediation of eutrophication in near-shore waters or inland water bodies

  • ②Mechanism and regulation of photosynthetic inorganic carbon acquisition by macroalgae and their roles in the carbon cycle of nearshore marine ecosystems

  • ③Applied seaweed science, mainly the growth and development mechanism of economic seaweeds and its regulation, seaweed cultivation physiological ecology. The core of the research is the relationship between seaweeds and global climate change, and the mechanism and regulation of seaweed carbon metabolism.

Recent research projects

  • He has been in charge of more than 10 national and provincial research projects, including 6 National Natural Science Foundation of China projects and the Ministry of Education's "New Century Excellent Talent Support Program" project. In addition, he has participated in many national and provincial level projects, including the major projects of the National 863 Program and the National 973 Program.

Academic achievements

  • Prof.Zou has been exploring the physiological ecology of seaweed cultivation, carbon sink processes and their relationship with climate change by:

  1. revealing the mechanism of photosynthetic inorganic carbon acquisition and its regulation in important seaweed cultivation species in the southern waters of China, and resolving the cyanobacterial carbon function driven by macroalgae in nearshore marine ecosystems

  2. elucidatuing the seasonal pattern of sexual reproduction and reproductive allocation of the sheep sedge population in Nan'ao Island, Shantou, China

  3. elucidating the physiological and ecological mechanisms of photosynthetic response and adaptation of seaweeds under climate change.

  • He has published more than 80 papers in core journals as first or corresponding author, including more than 40 papers in SCI journals, and co-authored 4 books. In 2015, he won the second prize of the Ocean Science and Technology Award of the State Oceanic Administration.

Recent papers

  • Chen BB, Zou DH, Zhu MJ. 2017. Growth and photosynthetic responses of Ulva lactuca (Ulvales, Chlorophyta) germlings to different pH levels. Marine Biology Research. 13(3): 351-357. 【SCI】

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