Liu, Zehua

Title:Associate Professor

Telephone number:13533784326

Enrollment major

  • Master student (Academic):083000|Environmental Science and Engineering;Master student (Engineering):085700|Resources and Environment

  • Ph.D student (Academic): 083000| Environmental Science and Engineering;Ph.D student (Engineering):085700|Resources and Environment

Professional experience

  • 2013.9-Present    South China University of Technology, Associate professor

  • 2012.11-2013.9    Nanyang Technological University, Post-doc

  • 2010.11-2012.9    Virginia Tech, Post-doc

  • 2004.7-2007.3 Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Lecturer

Academic background

  • 2007.4-2010.3   Environmental Engineering, Osaka City University (Ph.D)

  • 2001.9-2004.6   Biochemical Engineering, Beijing University of ChemicalTechnology(Master)

  • 1997.9-2001.6   Chemical Engineering, Xiangtan University (Bachelor)

Social, academic and academic part-time jobs

  • 2019.10 to present: Deputy Director of Guangdong Environmental Nanomaterials Engineering Technology Research Center

Academic activities

  • Reviewers for Environmental Science and Technology, Water research, Science of the Total Environment, Environmental Science and Technology Letters, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Chemical Engineering Journal, Chemosphere, Environmental Pollution, Journal of Environmental Management, Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, Trends in Analytical Chemistry, Bioresource Technology.

Research directions

Environmental hormones

  1. Analytical method for natural estrogens, androgens, phytoestrogens, mycoestrogens, and industrial compounds; Wastewater-based epidemiology; Their removal in municipal and breeding wastewater; Risk evaluation.

  2. Drinking water safety

  3. Detection of odorous compounds; Water Quality Standards;Analysis of micropollutants; risk evaluation.

  4. Novel wastewater treatment process

  5. Energy producing from low strength municipal wastewater; Reduction of excess sludge; Recovery of phosphorus.


  • National Natural Science Foundation of China:Efficient analysis of natural hormone conjugates in municipal wastewater and their removals, 2016.1-2019.12,756000, PI;

  • Special funds for public welfare research and capacity building in Gaugndong Province:Fast analysis of phytoestrogen conjugates and its application in municipal wastewater, 2015.9-2017.8,150000,PI;

  • Science and Technology Program of Guangzhou:Fast analysis of natural estrogens and its application in wastewater,2015.1-2017.12,200000,PI;

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China:Analysis and removal mechanisms of natural hormones in municipal wastewater treatment processes, 2012.1-2014.12,260000,PI;

  • Zhongshan Water Utility:Property of micropollutants in raw water of Quanlu drinking water treatment plant,Early Warming, and preliminary handle,2020.7-2021.12,500000,PI。

  • Guangdong Water Co:Drinking Water Odor,2014.8-2016.10,455000,PI;

  • Guangdong Water Co:Database establishment and promotion for odorous compounds in water,2017.7-2019.6,430000,PI。

Academic achievements

Main Journal publications:

  1. Liu ZH*, Dang Z, Yin H, Liu Y. Making waves: Improving removal performance of conventional wastewater treatment plants on endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs): their conjugates matter. Water Research, 2021,188:116469.

  2. Tang Z, Liu ZH*, Wang H, Dang Z, Yin H, Zhou Y, Liu Y, Trace determination of eleven natural estrogens and insights from their occurrence in a municipal wastewater treatment plant and river water, Water Research, 2020,182:115976.

  3. Wang H, Liu ZH*, Tang Z, Zhang J, Yin H, Dang Z, Wu PX, Liu Y, Bisphenol analogues in Chinese bottled water: Quantification and potential risk analysis. Science of the Total Environment, 2020, 713:136583.

  4. Luo Q, Liu ZH*, Yin H, Dang Z, Wu PX, Zhu NW, Lin Z, Liu Y, Global review of phthalates in edible oil: An emerging and nonneglibible exposure source to human. Science of the Total Environment, 2020,704, 135369.

  5. Zhang J, Liu ZH*, Zhong SS, Wang H, Caidan BM, Yin H, Dang Z, Strategy for effective inhibition of arylsulfatase/β-glucuronidase to prevent deconjugation of sulfate and glucuronide conjugates in wastewater during sample collection and storage. Science of the Total Environment, 2020,703, 135536.

  6. Wang H, Liu ZH*, Zhang J, Huang RP, Yin H, Dang Z, Wu PX, Insights into removal mechanisms of bisphenol A and its analogues in municipal wastewater treatment plants. Science of the Total Environment, 2019, 692, 107-116.

  7. Yuan SF, Liu ZH*, Yin H, Dang Z, Wu PX, Zhu NW, Lin Z, Trace determination of sulfonamide antibiotics and their acetylated metabolites via SPE-LC-MS/MS in wastewater and insights from their occurrence in a municipal wastewater treatment plant. Science of the Total Environment, 2019, 653:815-821.

  8. Luo Q, Liu ZH*, Yin H, Dang Z, Wu PX, Zhu NW, Lin Z, Liu Y, Migration and potential risk of trace phthalates in bottled water: A global situation, Water Research, 2018,147:362-372.

  9. Huang RP, Liu ZH*, Yin H, Dang Z, Wu PX, Zhu NW, Lin Z, Bisphenol A concentrations in human urine, human intakes across six continents, and annual trends of average intakes in adult and child populations worldwide: A through literature review. Science of the Total Environment, 2018, 626:971-981.


  1. Liu Zehua,Tan Qi-feng,Dang Zhi,Yin Hua。Odorous compounds:category、resources、analytical methods and treatment.China Science Publisher,2019.3.


  • Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad(2009)

  • Main teaching courses:Modern Environmental Analysis Technology,Environmental Remediation Technologies

  • Current students:Ph.d (1),Master (7),Research Assistant (1).