Pan, Weibin

Title:Associate Professor



Admissions Major

  • Master's admissions major:

  • Master of academic degree: 083000| Environmental science and engineering.

  • Master of professional degree: 085700| Resources and environment.

Working experience

  • 1985-1998: Xinjiang Institute of Environmental Protection Science

  • 1998-present: South China University of Technology

Educational experience

  • 1981-1985: Bachelor of Biology, Department of Biology, Xinjiang University

  • 1988-1991: Master of Science, Department of Botany, Xinjiang University, majoring in Arid Ecology

Field of research

  • Soil and groundwater environmental remediation

  • River and lake ecological restoration

  • Solid waste management

  • Ecological research

Recent research projects

  1. Research on Bioremediation Technology of Soil Heavy Metal Pollution in Guangzhou City

  2. Preparation of the Comprehensive Treatment Program of Xinzhou Gold Mine Waste Pollution in Qingxin County

  3. Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Heavy Metal Pollution in Key Areas of Zhongshan City

  4. Survey Project on the Current Situation of Contaminated Sites and Groundwater Pollution in Zhongshan City

  5. Study on the Management Model and Policy of Heavy Metal Contaminated Land Compiled

  6. Study on Applicable Remediation Technologies for Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil in Zhongshan City

  7. Survey on the Current Situation of Organic Contaminated Sites in Some Industries in Zhongshan City

  8. Demonstration Project on Ecological Restoration of Eutrophic Ponds in Guangzhou City

  9. Research on Eutrophication of Shenzhen Reservoir and Yantian Reservoir and Countermeasures of Substrate Pollution Prevention

  10. Study on the influence mechanism of urban river morphology on river self purification capacity in Pearl River Delta and the Integration and demonstration of river ecological restoration technology

  11. Improvement of water flow in Donghao Chung River

  12. Study on Promoting the Construction of Water Ecological Civilization in Zhongshan City

  13. Drafting of Zhongshan Water Supply and Water Use Regulations

  14. Preparation of the Emergency Plan for Urban Water Supply Emergencies in Zhongshan City

  15. Study on the classification system of indicators for the activation of the emergency plan for urban water supply emergencies in Zhongshan

  16. Zhuhai Biomass Molding Fuel Utilization Pollution Prevention Technology Guidelines

  17. Survey on the Status of Recycling and Disposal of Electronic and Electrical Waste in Guangzhou

  18. Technical Reserve of Sludge Treatment and Disposal in Guangzhou Municipal Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant

  19. Survey on the Generation and Disposal of Waste Hazardous Chemicals in Guangzhou

  20. Survey of Hazardous Waste Generation Coefficient in Guangzhou City

  21. Special Planning for Urban and Rural Domestic Waste Collection and Treatment Facilities in Taishan City

  22. Preparation of Guidelines for Classifying and Disposing of Rural Domestic Waste in Guangdong Province

Academic achievements

  1. Su Zhao,Wei-bin Pan*,Chao Ma. Stimulation and inhibition effects of algae-lytic products from Bacillus cereus strain L7 on Anabaena flos-aquae [J]. J Appl Phycol. 2012, 24(5):1015–1021.

  2. Han-zhi Zhang, Wei-bin Pan*, Bao-hua Chen and Shu-wei Zhan. Interactions between Bacillus cereus strain L7 and Anabaena flos-aquae during cyanobacterial blooms, Fundam. Appl. Limnol. 2012,Vol. 181/2, 103–112

  3. Yanzhi Chen,Weibin Pan, Fenghuan Wu,Emission Fluxes of Volatile Organic Compounds from Three Heavily Polluted Rivers in Guangzhou, South China,Water Air Soil Pollut. (2013) 224:1509.