Yang, Zhiquan

Title:Associate Professor




Admissions Major

Master's admissions major:

  • Master of academic degree: 083000| Environmental science and engineering.

  • Master of professional degree: 085700| Resources and environment.

Working experience

  • 06/2003-09/2006: teaching assistant, School of papermaking and environment, South China University of Technology

  • 09/2006-08/2012: lecturer, School of environmental science and engineering, South China University of Technology

  • 09/2012 -now, associate professor, School of environment and energy, South China University of Technology

Educational experience

  • 09/1996-07/2000: Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, Nanchang University

  • 09/2000-06/2003: Master of Environmental Engineering, South China University of Technology

  • 09/2006-06/2009: PhD in Environmental Engineering, South China University of Technology

  • 07/2013-08/2014: Visiting Scholar of Municipal and Environmental Engineering, Rice University (USA)

Field of research

  • Water pollution control, water purification technology, environmental biotechnology

Recent research projects

  • Guangzhou Science and Technology Plan Project: Synthesis of metal organic skeletons (MOFs) based on nitrogen and sulfur multifunctional organic ligands and research on removal of perchlorate trace pollutants from water bodies (201707010143)

  • The 12th Five-Year National Science and Technology Support Program Project: Key Technology Research on Traditional Village Protection Planning and Technology Inheritance (2014BAL06B00). Sub-project leader

  • Key Project of Central Universities Basic Operation Expenses: Research on the removal of trace pollutants such as perchlorate in water bodies by highly stable metal-organic coordination polymers in aqueous phase.

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on the biodegradation mechanism and optimal control of perchlorate in sulfur autotrophic reduction polluted water (51008128).

  • Cultivation Project of Excellent Young Innovative Talents in Guangdong Universities: Study on the Effectiveness and Influencing Factors of the Synergistic Effect of Autotrophic Desulfurization Denitrification and Heterotrophic Denitrification on the Removal of Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulfur from Wastewater (Guangdong Finance and Education 2009-400).

  • State Key Laboratory Fund: Study on the decontamination effect by synergistic action of autotrophic desulfurization and heterotrophic denitrification (2010KB19).

  • Fundamental Business Funds of Central Universities: Study on the degradation mechanism of sulfur autotrophic reduced perchlorate under simulated complex water environment conditions. (2011ZM0052).

  • Key Laboratory Fund of Ministry of Education: Comparative analysis of heavy metal removal from waste incineration fly ash by different strains of bioleaching (SWMES2009-01).

  • Key Laboratory Fund of Guangdong Province: Research on the performance of simultaneous nitrogen and sulfur removal by anaerobic biological treatment of wastewater (N9080050).

Academic achievements

  1. Ding J, Yang ZQ, He C, Tong X, Niu X, Zhang H. UiO-66(Zr) coupled with Bi2MoO6 as photocatalyst for visible-light promoted dye degradation. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 2017, 497:126-133.

  2. He C, Yang ZQ, Ding J, Chen Y, Tong X, Li Y. Effective removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution by 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane-functionalized grapheme oxide. Colloids and surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 2017, 520:448-458.

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  16. Yang ZQ, Liu G. Evaluation of nutrients removal in full-scale modified oxidation ditch system in the ambient conditions. 2011 International Conference on Remote Sensing, Environment and Transportation Engineering.


  1. In 2010, Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Ministry of Education :Key Technology and Application of Urban Wastewater Synchronous Denitrification and Phosphorus Removal and Emission Reduction.

  2. In 2007, Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress of State Environmental Protection Administration: Research and Application of Biological Denitrification of Urban Wastewater Treatment.

  3. In 2005, First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Ministry of Education: Simultaneous nitrification denitrification biological denitrification technology and application of nitrogen-containing organic wastewater.

  4. In 2004, Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Guangdong Province: Simultaneous aerobic anaerobic biological denitrification technology of landfill wastewater and its application.

  5. In 2008, First Prize of University-level Teaching: Research and Application of Environmental Biotechnology Curriculum System.