Zhang, Xiaoping





Admissions Major

  • Master's admissions major:

  • Master of academic degree: 083000| Environmental science and engineering.

  • Master of professional degree: 085700| Resources and environment.

  • Doctoral admissions major:

  • Doctor of academic degree: 083000| Environmental science and engineering.

  • Doctor of professional degree: 085700| Resources and environment.

Working experience

  • 06/1996-05/1999: Lecturer, School of chemical engineering, School of papermaking and environment, South China University of technology;

  • 06/1999-08/2010: Associate Professor, School of papermaking and environment, School of environmental science and engineering, South China University of technology;

  • 09/2010 to present: Professor, School of environment and energy, South China University of technology;

  • 2011: Doctoral supervisor, School of environment and energy, South China University of technology

Educational experience

  • 12/2007-12/2008: Visiting Scholar, Department of chemistry and Bioengineering, University of British Columbia, Canada;

  • 09/1993-06/1996: PhD., South China University of technology

  • 09/1990-06/1993: Master of engineering, Northwestern University.

Social, Society and Academic Affiliations

  • Chemical Environmental Protection, Editorial Board Member, Editor

Field of research

Mainly engaged in "waste recycling and pollution control principle, preparation of carbon adsorption materials, pollutant interface phenomenon and adsorption / conversion mechanism", specifically in the preparation and characterization of functional adsorption materials, interface behavior and adsorption transformation characteristics of typical pollutants, treatment of high concentration organic wastewater by immobilized algae bacteria symbiotic fluidized bed, pyrolysis and utilization of organic waste, oil production by microalgae, treatment and high value utilization of electronic waste. Some current researches are shown below:

1. Preparation of carbonaceous adsorbents and their interfacial behaviors

a) Preparation and characterization of biochar and activated carbon fiber;

b) The performance of adsorption materials and the interfacial chemical behavior of removing typical pollutants.

2. Waste treatment and recycling:

a) The technology of organic waste logistics state pyrolysis conversion utilization;

b) Algae bacteria symbiotic fluidized bed system for organic wastewater treatment technology;

c) High value utilization of all components of electronic waste.

Recent research projects

  1. National Key Research and Development Program (sub-project): key technologies for rural drinking water and domestic wastewater treatment.

  2. National Natural Science Foundation of China project: adsorption mechanism and interfacial chemical behavior of perfluorinated compounds on activated carbon fibers.

  3. General assembly project: R&D of vehicle-mobile decontamination wastewater membrane treatment system.

  4. Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Plan Project: Technology development of comprehensive treatment and recycling of electronic waste with fluidization as the core.

  5. Guangdong Province Science and Technology Tackling Plan Project for Social Development: Fluidized pyrolytic transformation and reuse technology and equipment for PTFE waste.

  6. Guangdong Province Science and Technology Tackling Plan Project: research on new activated carbon fiber purification technology and equipment for organic waste gas.

  7. Guangdong provincial science and technology plan project: key technology for the treatment and reuse of electroplating wastewater in multimedia speaker production.

  8. Project of Guangzhou Science and Technology Plan: Development and application of organic wastewater treatment system of algae and bacteria symbiotic fluidized bed photobioreactor.

  9. Project of Guangzhou Science and Technology Plan: Technology development of three-phase fluidized algae photobioreactor for treatment of high concentration organic wastewater.

  10. Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province Project: Macroscopic kinetic model of three-phase fluidized electrode and application research.

Horizontal projects:

(1) high value utilization technology of mining solid waste

(2) R&D of recycling technology of silicone rubber cracking slag

(3) R&D of algae bacteria treatment system for high concentration organic wastewater

(4) pilot study of CFC-11 recycling treatment process.

Academic achievements

  1. Xiaoping Zhang*; Shuixia Chen; Hsiaotao T. Bi, Application of wave propagation theory to adsorption breakthrough studies of toluene on activated carbon fiber beds, CARBON, 2010.7, 48(8): 2317~2326

  2. Xiaoping Zhang*; Hsiaotao T. Bi, Study on Void Behavior in a Turbulent Fluidized Bed with Catalyst Powders, INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, 2010.8.4, 49(15): 6862~6869

  3. Xiaoping Zhang*; Xin Zhao; Jiaqi Hu; Chaohai Wei; Hsiaotao T. Bi, Adsorption dynamics of trichlorofluoromethane in activated carbon fiber beds, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2011.02.28, 186(2): 1816~1822

  4. Yu Kuang, Xiaoping Zhang* and Shaoqi Zhou, Adsorption of Methylene Blue in Water onto Activated Carbon by Surfactant Modification. Water, 2020, 12(2), 587: 1-19

  5. Xuechao Yan, Xiaoping Zhang* & Qian Li, Preparation and characterization of CS/β-CD/Nano-ZnO composite porous membrane optimized by Box-Behnken for the adsorption of Congo red. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2018) 25:22244–22258

  6. Hanjiang Xu, Xiaoping Zhang* & Yudong Zhang, Modification of biochar by Fe2O3 for the removal of pyridine and quinoline. Environmental Technology, 2018, 39(11): 1470-1480

  7. Wei Chen; Xiaoping Zhang*; Yudong Zhang; Mairambek Mamadiev, Facile and efficient synthesis of polyacrylonitrile-based functional fibers and its sorption properties of perfluorooctane sulfonate and perfluorooctanoate, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2017.9, 241: 1013~1022

  8. Wei Chen; Xiaoping Zhang*; Mairambek Mamadiev; Chunhu Zhao; Zihao Wang; Hanjiang Xu, Synthesis of interstratified graphene/montmorillonite composite material through organics-pillared, delamination and co-stacking and its application in hexavalent chromium removal from aqueous solution, Advanced Powder Technology, 2017.2, 28(2): 521~533

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  15. Chaohong Shi; Nengwu Zhu*; Naixin Kang; Pingxiao Wu; Xiaoping Zhang; Yanhong Zhang, Sorption–reduction coupled gold recovery process boosted by Pycnoporus sanguineus biomass: Uptake pattern and performance enhancement via biomass surface modification, Biotechnology progress, 2017.9, 33(5): 1314~1322

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Granted Patents

Invention patent:

  • Zhang Xiaoping et al. A method for recovering gold (Au) from discarded mobile phone electronic components, authorization date: June 29, 2018;

  • Zhang Xiaoping et al., a method for recovering palladium (PD) from waste mobile phone electronic components, authorized date: September 26, 2017;

  • Zhang Xiaoping et al. A method of solvent extraction fluorescence determination of microalgae oil content, authorized date: December 31, 2014;

  • Zhang Xiaoping et al. algae bacteria symbiotic fluidized bed treatment system for high concentration organic wastewater, Authorization date: June 10, 2009;

  • Zhang Xiaoping et al. A kind of continuous adsorption and desorption equipment for activated carbon fiber fixed bed. Authorization date: April 22, 2009;

  • Zhang Xiaoping et al. A method for recycling silicone rubber cracking residue, Authorization date: January 14, 2009;

Utility model patent:

  • Zhang Xiaoping et al. "A continuous adsorption and desorption device for activated carbon fiber fixed bed", Authorization date: February 15, 2006;

  • Zhang Xiaoping, et al. "A gas solid fluidized bed photocatalytic oxidation device", Authorization date: March 1, 2006;

  • Xiao Xiansheng, Xiao xiankai, Zhang Xiaoping, et al. "Three phase fluidized algae photobioreactor", Authorization date: February 27, 2008;

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  • Zhang Xiaoping, et al. "Device for recovering precious metals from wastewater", Authorization date: January 1, 2000.


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