Shi, Zhenqing




Admissions Major

  • Master's admissions major:

  • Master of academic degree: 083000| Environmental science and engineering.

  • Master of professional degree: 085700| Resources and environment.

  • Doctoral admissions major:

  • Doctor of academic degree: 083000| Environmental science and engineering.

  • Doctor of professional degree: 085700| Resources and environment.

Working experience

  • 2015-now: Professor, the School of Environment and Energy, South China University of Technology.

Educational experience

  • 09/1993-06/1998: Tsinghua University, B.S. in Environmental Engineering

  • 09/1998-06/2001: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ecological and Environmental Research Center, Master of Environmental Science

  • 08/2001-02/2006: University of Delaware, Ph.D., Environmental Engineering.


  • Environmental Chemistry (undergraduate course, full English)

  • Soil Ecology (graduate course)

Curriculum Vitae :

  • Prof. Shi is the recipient of the National Natural Science Outstanding Young Fund (2020). Over the years, he has been devoted to the research in environmental soil science and has published more than 60 SCI papers in Environmental Science & Technology, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta and other journals. Currently, he is an associate editor of Applied Geochemistry and an editorial board member of ACS Earth & Space Chemistry. He is also the deputy director of the Soil Chemistry Committee of the Soil Society of China and the director of the Youth Working Committee of Guangdong Soil So

Field of research

  • In response to the major scientific needs of China in soil pollution control and soil health, the team is currently focusing on the following two areas of research: (1) kinetic mechanisms and quantitative prediction of coupled multi-scale and multi-process reactions in soils; (2) predictive models of spatial and temporal changes in soil pollution patterns and biogeochemical cycles of elements

Recent research projects

  • He has undertaken projects such as the National Outstanding Young Scientists Fund, the Key R&D Special Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Academic achievements

  1. Chemodiversity of Soil Dissolved Organic Matter.Yang Ding, Zhenqing Shi*, Qianting Ye, Yuzhen Liang, Minqin Liu, Zhi Dang, Yujun Wang, and Chongxuan Liu.Environmental Science & Technology, 2020, 54, 10, 6174-6184.

  2. Zhenqing Shi*, Shiwen Hu, Jingyi Lin, Tongxu Liu, Xiaomin Li, Fangbai Li. Quantifying Microbially Mediated Kinetics of Ferrihydrite Transformation and Arsenic Reduction: Role of Arsenate-reducing Gene Expression Pattern.Environmental Science and Technology. 2020, 54, 11, 6621–6631.

  3. Shiwen Hu, Yuzhen Liang, Tongxu Liu, Fangbai Li, Yang Lu, Zhenqing Shi*. Kinetics of As(V) and Carbon Sequestration during Fe(II)-induced Transformation of Ferrihydrite-As(V)-Fulvic Acid Coprecipitates. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2020, 272, 160-176.

  4. Jingyi Lin, Shiwen Hu, Tongxu Liu, Fangbai Li, Langfang Peng, Zhang Lin, Zhi Dang, Chongxuan Liu, Zhenqing Shi*. Coupled Kinetics Model for Microbially Mediated Arsenic Reduction and Adsorption/Desorption on Iron Oxides: Role of Arsenic Desorption Induced by Microbes. Environmental Science and Technology. 2019, 53, 8892−8902.

  5. Shiwen Hu, Yang Lu, Lanfang Peng, Pei Wang, Mengqiang Zhu, Alice Dohnalkova, Hong Chen, Zhang Lin, Zhi Dang, Zhenqing Shi. Coupled Kinetics of Ferrihydrite Transformation and As (V) Sequestration under the Effect of Humic Acids: A Mechanistic and Quantitative Study. Environmental Science and Technology, 2018, 52, 11632−11641.

  6. Xionghan Feng, Pei Wang, Zhenqing Shi*, Kideok D. Kwon, Huaiyan Zhao, Hui Yin, Zhang Lin, Mengqiang Zhu, Xinran Liang, Fan Liu, and Donald L. Sparks. A Quantitative Model for the Coupled Kinetics of Arsenic Adsorption/Desorption and Oxidation on Manganese Oxides. Environmental Science and Technology Letters.2018, 5, 175−180.

  7. Lanfang Peng, Paiyu Liu, Xionghan Feng, Zimeng Wang, Tao Cheng, Yuzhen Liang, Zhang Lin and Zhenqing Shi*. Kinetics of Heavy Metal Adsorption and Desorption in Soil: Developing A Unified Model Based on Chemical Speciation, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2018, 224C, 282-300.

  8. Lei Tian, Zhenqing Shi*, Yang Lu, Alice Dohnalkova, Zhang Lin, Zhi Dang. Kinetics of Cation and Oxyanion Adsorption and Desorption on Ferrihydrite: Roles of Ferrihydrite Binding Sites and A Unified Model.Environmental Science and Technology, 2017, 51, 10605-10614

  9. Zhenqing Shi*, Pei Wang, Lanfang Peng, Zhang Lin, Zhi Dang. Kinetics of Heavy Metal Dissociation from Natural Organic Matter: Roles of the Carboxylic and Phenolic Sites. Environmental Science and Technology. 2016, 50, 10476–10484.

  10. Zhenqing Shi*, Dominic M. Di Toro, Herbert E. Allen, and Donald L. Sparks. A General Kinetics Model for Heavy Metal Adsorption and Desorption on Soils. Environmental Science and Technology, 2013, 47,3761-3767.