Ye, Daiqi




Admissions Major

Master's admissions major:

  • Master of academic degree: 083000| Environmental science and engineering.

  • Master of professional degree: 085700| Resources and environment.

Doctoral admissions major:

  • Doctor of academic degree: 083000| Environmental science and engineering.

  • Doctor of professional degree: 085700| Resources and environment.

Working experience

  • 2014.01-present: The Dean of School of Environment and Energy, South China University of Technology, the chairman of the Academic and Degree Committee of School of Environment and Energy, and the head of the Academic Team of Atmospheric Environment and Pollution Control.

  • 2013.01-2013.12: School of Environment and Energy, South China University of Technology, Associate Dean.

  • 1990.07-1993.12: Department of Chemical Engineering, South China University of Technology, teaching faculty.

  • 2004.08-2012.12: The head of the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology. Professor/Doctoral Supervisor (2004.10), and the head of the Academic Team of Atmospheric Environment and Pollution Control.

  • 1998.03-2004.07: School of Paper and Environmental Engineering, South China University of Technology 2004, Associate Professor and in 03/2004, promoted to Professor.

  • 1997.06-1997.09: University of Warwick, United Kingdom, visiting scholar.

  • 1993.12-1998.03: Department of Chemical Engineering, South China University of Technology, Associate Professor.

Educational experience

  • 1988.12-1990.04: Nagoya University, Department of Engineering, Japan, visiting scholar (joint Ph.D. training).

  • 1984.09-1990.07: South China University of Technology, Industrial Catalysis, Ph.D.

  • 1980.09-1984.07: South China Institute of Technology, Organic Chemical Engineering, Bachelor degree.

Social, Society and Academic Affiliations

  • The head of the National Engineering Laboratory of VOCs Pollution Control Technology and Equipment

  • The director of Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Atmospheric Environment and Pollution Control, Guangdong Provincial Engineering Research Center of Environmental Risk Prevention and Control and Emergency Disposal, and Guangdong Provincial University Engineering Research Center of Atmospheric Pollution Control, etc.

  • The executive director of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences

  • The executive deputy director and secretary-general of the Professional Committee of VOC Pollution and Prevention

  • A member of the Catalytic Committee of the Chinese Rare Earth Society, the Catalytic Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society, the Expert Committee of Environmental Protection Engineering of China Survey and Design and the Expert Committee of the Chinese Energy Society.

Field of research

  • Air pollution control, mainly including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission reduction and control policy research;

  • VOCs emission characteristics, emission inventory and its reactivity investigation;

  • VOCs, vehicle exhaust, indoor air pollution control technology research and development;

  • VOCs non-thermal plasma and catalytic purification technology research and development, etc.

Recent research projects

Prof.Ye led more than 40 research projects in the field of VOCs and fine particles (PM2.5) emission reduction policy research, basic theory research and technology development, including one national environmental protection public welfare project, two national '863 Program' projects, one NSFC-Guangdong Province joint fund, three National Natural Science Foundation of China surface projects, as well as 8 projects of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, 2 major science and technology projects of Guangdong Province, etc.

Academic achievements

  1. He is the lecturer of three undergraduate and master's degree courses and four other courses, including the undergraduate course 'Air Pollution Control Engineering', which is the first batch of excellent courses in the university; he has trained more than 100 doctoral and master's degree students (8 doctoral graduates and 70 master's graduates) and 8 young teachers.

  2. He has published more than 300 papers, including more than 200 SCI papers in many journals, such as Atmos.Environ.;bJ.Mater.Chem.;  J.Mol.Catal.,A; Chem. Eng. J. He has applied for 22 Chinese patents, including 16 invention patents (8 have been granted) and 6 utility model patents.Avariety of adsorption and catalytic functional materials for VOCs were developed, along with the thermal storage (catalytic) combustion technology, etc.

  3. The developed VOCs control sets of technology and equipment have internationally reached the advanced level, and more than 100 sets have been applied. One Chinese Patent Excellence Award and two Guangdong Science and Technology Awards were granted. The developed treatment technology was successfully applied in the world's largest electronic waste dismantling base exhaust gas remediation project. A total of 6 appraisals of scientific and technological achievements was completed and more than 80 exhaust gas treatment projects were built. 4 books were written, such as 'New Chemical Dictionary (Environment and Environmental Chemical Part)' (chief editor) and 'Environmental Protection Science Series - VOCs Pollution Prevention Knowledge Q&A' (chief editor); Also, he is responsible for compiling 4 local standards of Guangdong Province (3 completed, 1 in progress) and 2 national standards (in progress). Long-term service in national, local and (chemical) park VOCs pollution control. He has been involved in the research and formulation of important national policies such as the 'National Ten Rules' for air pollution prevention and control, the '12th Five-Year Plan' for national environmental protection, the '12th Five-Year Plan' for key regions, and the '13th Five-Year Plan' for total control. He has also served and received recognition for the air quality protection of national major events such as G20 Summit and Guangzhou Asian Games.

  4. Experts from the Ecological Environment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Peking University, China Academy of Environmental Sciences, South China Institute of Environmental Sciences of the State Ministry of Environmental Protection, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University, etc. have unanimously evaluated the scientific research level and R&D capability of the academic team led by Prof. Ye Daiqi as being in the leading position in Guangdong Province and having a greater impact domestically and internationally.

Recent representative publications:

  1. Yuhai Sun, Limin Chen, Yunfeng Bao, Yujun Zhang, Jing Wang, Mingli Fu, Junliang Wu and Daiqi Ye. The Applications of Morphology Controlled ZnO in Catalysis[J]. Catalysts, 2016, 6(12), 188.

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Authorized patents

  1. A method for the preparation of metal organic framework/poly(divinylbenzene) composite VOCs adsorbent, Application No. 201610855441.9, Inventor: Ye Daiqi Chen Jiandong Wu Zeng Fu Mingli Wu Junliang, Application Date: 2016.09.27.

  2. A Controlled Synthesis Method of New Discoidal Zinc Oxide Doped with Transition Metals or Rare Earth Metals, Application No. 201610559571.8, INVENTOR: Chen Limin Zhang Yuyun Ju Min Sun Yuhai Ye Daiqi, APPLICATION DATE: 2016.07.12.

  3. A high concentration of hazardous chemical waste gas emergency treatment system, Application No. 201510541639.5, Inventor: Fu Mingli Liu Yuxi Ye Daiqi, Application Date: 2015.08.31.

  4. A treatment system for organic waste gas from circuit board disassembly fumes, Application No. 201510539061.X, Inventor: Fu Mingli Li Ying Ye Daiqi Wu Zeng Yang Lin, Application Date: 2015.08.29.

  5. A two-chamber heat storage catalytic purification device for organic waste gas with back-blowing function, Application No. 201510128569.0, Inventor: Wu Junliang Xiao Hailin Sun Xibo Fu Mingli Ye Daiqi, Application Date: 2015.03.23.

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  8. Rapid deoxidizer for in situ generation of primary cells and its preparation method, Patent No. 201110337013.4, Inventor: Chen Limin, He Lifang, Guo Yuanyuan, Ye Daiqi, Grant Date: 2013.10.30.