WANG, Xiaojun



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  • Master's degree: academic Master :083000| Environmental Science and Engineering; Master's degree :085700| Resources and Environment

  • Ph.D. Admissions Major: Academic Ph.D.:083000| Environmental Science and Engineering; Ph.D.:085700| Resources and Environment

Work experience

  • 1987.6-1990.8 Assistant Professor, South China University of Technology

  • 1990.0-199.8 Project Manager, Engineering Department, Guangzhou Procter & Gamble Co., Ltd

  • 1993.0-2000.8 Lecturer, Chemical Engineering Institute, South China University of Technology

  • 2000.9-2008.10 Associate Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology

  • 2008.10- Present Professor, School of Environment and Energy, South China University of Technology

Educational experience

  • 1980.9-1984.7 Department of Chemical Engineering, Hefei University of Technology

  • 1984.9-1987.6 Master's degree in Environmental Chemistry Engineering, Institute of Chemical Engineering, South China Institute of Technology

  • 1993.9-1997.1 Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, Institute of Chemical Engineering, South China University of Technology

Part-time social, academic and academic

  • Vice President, Guangdong Association for Sustainable Development

  • Guangzhou Ecological Environment Bureau Emergency Expert

Research area

  • Mainly engaged in advanced treatment of wastewater research and engineering applications. The developed technologies include chemical oxidation (ozone catalytic oxidation and Fenton oxidation) and biological aerated filter coupling process, nitrosation of high ammonia nitrogen wastewater and anaerobic ammonia oxidation coupling denitrification process.

  • Chemical oxidation and biological aerated filter coupling technology, which was first developed and developed in 2005, has been applied on a large scale under the condition of abundant research foundation. It has been used in textile printing and dyeing, landfill leachate, leather, petrochemical, chemical storage terminal and other industrial wastewater advanced treatment and reuse, and has presided over the construction of a number of industrial wastewater treatment to quasi-surface 4 demonstration projects.

  • In recent years, a new stable nitrification method for ammonia nitrogen wastewater has been developed, so as to realize short-range nitrification and denitrification, and anammox process has been developed in engineering. The developed energy-saving and low-carbon biological denitrification process has been successfully applied to the treatment of printing and dyeing mercerized high ammonia nitrogen wastewater, iron oxide red high ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment, garbage leachate high ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment and other high ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment, and realize engineering application.

Scientific research projects

  • National Natural Science Foundation Project (2011): Integrated Ozone-Bioaerated Filter System for Removal of Pollutants Methods and mechanisms (No 51078149),370000 RMB.

  • National Natural Science Foundation of China (2017): study on the morphological transition mechanism and pollution control of nitrogen elements in the production of iron oxide red by nitric acid (No21646008),120000 RMB.

  • Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Project (2015): Integrated pollution control technology, environmental protection equipment development and industrialization of printing and dyeing industry(No 2015B020235013)8 million RMB,1.44 million RMB individuals.

  • Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Program (2017): urban sewage low carbon and resource upgrading technology application and demonstration project (No 2017B020236004),8 million RMB, individual 2.4 million RMB.

  • Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Program (2019): research and demonstration of Integrated drainage treatment Technology for Urban area based on V Water quality objectives (No 2019B110205002),8 million RMB, personal 1.2 million RMB.

  • Engineering project (2020): printing and dyeing wastewater RO concentrated water advanced treatment and reuse project, Pan-Pacific (Panyu) Textile Co., Ltd., the total cost of the project 11.8 million yuan.

List of main SCI publications

  1. Haolin Hu, Cuilan Deng, Xiaojun Wang*, Zhenguo Chen, Zhong Zhong, Ruixin Wang. Performance and Mechanism of Urea Hydrolysis in Partial Nitritation System Based on SBR. Chemosphere[J]. 258 (2020) 127228

  2. Zhenguo Chen, Xuwen Zheng, Yongxing Chen, Xiaojun Wang*, Lijuan Zhang, Haochuan Chen. Nitrite accumulation stability evaluation for low-strength ammonium wastewater by adsorption and biological desorption of zeolite under different operational temperature. Science of the Total Environment. 704 (2020) 135260

  3. Jing Chen, Ruixin Wang,Xiaojun Wang*, Zhenguo Chen, Xinghui Feng, Mengzhu Qina. Response of nitritation performance and microbial community structure in sequencing biofilm batch reactors filled with different zeolite and alkalinity ratio. Bioresource Technology. 273(2019):487-495

  4. Xinghui Feng, Xiaojun Wang*, Zhenguo Chen, Jing Chen. Nitrogen removal from iron oxide red wastewater via partial nitritation-Anammox based on two-stage zeolite biological aerated filter. Bioresource Technology. 2019. 279: 17-24

  5. Zhenguo Chen, Xiaojun Wang*, Xiaozhen Chen, Jing Chen, Xinghui Feng. Nitrogen removal via nitritation pathway for low-strength ammonium wastewater by adsorption, biological desorption and denitrification. Bioresource Technology. 267(2018):541-549

  6. Yongyuan Yang,Zhenguo Chen,Xiaojun Wang*,Lei Zheng,XiaoYang Gu. Partial nitrification performance and mechanism of zeolite biological aerated filter for ammonium wastewater treatment. Bioresource Technology. 241(2017):473-481

  7. Zhenguo Chen, Xiaojun Wang*, Yongyuan Yang,  Markus W. Mirino Jr,  Yanlei Yuan, . Partial nitrification and denitrification of mature landfill leachate using a pilot-scale continuous activated sludge process at low dissolved oxygen. Bioresource Technology. 2016.8, 218( 580-588).

  8. Lei Zheng, Xiaojun Wang*, Xingzhi Wang. Reuse of reverse osmosis concentrate in textile and dyeing industry by combined process of persulfate oxidation and lime-soda softening[J]. Journal of Cleaner Production. 2015.10, 108(2015): 525-533

  9. Zhenguo Chen, Xiaojun Wang*, Qilong Ge, Guanchao Guo. Iron oxide red wastewater treatment and recycling of iron-containing Sludge[J]. Journal of Cleaner Production. 2015,87:558-566

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  11. Yaozhong HE, Xiaojun WANG*, Jinling XU, Jinli YAN, Qilong GE, Xiaoyang GU, Lei JIAN. Application of integrated ozone biological aerated filters and membrane filtration in water reuse of textile effluents[J]. Bioresource Technology. April 2013. 133:150-157

  12. Xiaojun WANG*,Jijun HAN,Zhiwei CHEN,Lei JIAN,Xiaoyan GU, Che-Jen Lin. Combined processes of two-stage Fenton-biological anaerobic filter–biological aerated filter for advanced treatment of landfill leachate[J]. Waste Management. 2012, 32:2401-2405

Mainly obtained representative patents

  • Chemical oxidation biological aerated filter combined water treatment method. Invention patent application number :200510035132.9, Inventor: Wang Xiaojun, Lin Dexian, Wan Xiaofang, Gu Xiaoyang, Dong Fang; application date: June 16,2005

  • Integrated ozone and biological aerated filter water treatment device and its method. Invention patent number: ZL 200710028632.9, inventor: Wang Xiaojun, Gu Xiaoyang, Chen Sili; application date: June 18,2007

  • A method for simultaneous removal of wastewater COD and hardness. Invention patent application number :10268327.2, inventor: Wang Xiaojun, Yuan Yanlei, Cui Jiaqi, Gu Xiaoyang; application date: June 28,2013

  • A method for achieving high efficiency nitrosation of high concentration ammonia nitrogen wastewater by providing alkalinity with sodium carbonate. Invention patent application number: CN201711474755.5, applicant: Wang Xiaojun, Feng Xinghui, Chen Zhenguo. Application date: December 29,2017.

Other (teaching activities/honours etc.)

  • South China University of Technology excellent Communist Party member 2016.

  • Chemical Oxidation - Biological Aerated Filter Combined Water Treatment Method, Gold Prize of National Invention Exhibition 2010

  • The First Nomination of My Favourite Graduate Mentors September 2009

  • South China University of Technology School-level Teaching Achievement First Prize April 2006