Qin, Yujie





Admissions major

  • Master's admissions major:

  • Academic master:083000|Environmental Science and Engineering;

  • Master of Professional Degrees:085700|Resources and environment

  • Doctoral Admission Major:

  • Academic doctor:083000|Environmental Science and Engineering;

  • Professional degree doctor:085700|Resources and environment

Work Experience

  • 2002.07-Now   Teaching and research professor, School of environment and energy, South China University of Technology

  • 2009.10-2010.10 Postdoctoral research, in the school of science, Roland University, Hungary

Educational Experience

  • 2005.09-2008.12   PhD student, School of environmental science and engineering, South China University of Technology,Environmental Engineering;

  • 2016.03-2017.03   Visiting scholar, Department of environmental science, School of biology and environment, Rutgers University, USA.

Social, academic and academic part-time

  • Joined IWA International Water Association, Chinese Society for Sustainable Development, Guangdong Cleaner Production Association and Ecological Society of Guangdong Province, etc.

Academic activities

  • Reviewers for Environmental Science and Technology, Water research, Science of the Total Environment, Environmental Science and Technology Letters, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Chemical Engineering Journal, Chemosphere, Environmental Pollution, Journal of Environmental Management, Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, Trends in Analytical Chemistry, Bioresource Technology.

Research Field

  • Environmental Biotechnology;Biological Treatment of Wastewater;Biological Treatment of Solid Waste.

  • The main research fields are anaerobic ammonia oxidation technology, sulfur autotrophic denitrification technology, and anaerobic digestion of municipal sludge to produce biogas .

Research Project

  • General program of National Natural Science Foundation of China,51978278, Nitrogen removal mechanism and system construction of anammox and sulfur autotrophic denitrification in low C / N wastewater,2020.01-2023.12;

  • General program of National Natural Science Foundation of China,51578244,Study on the mechanism of anammox and synergistic denitrification under the co-existence of two kinds of microorganisms,2016.01-2019.12;

  • Science and technology cooperation project between China and Hungary,E8180380,Harmonization of ecological research on Danube and Pearl rivers,2016.01-2019.12;

  • Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province,2020A1515010403,Nitrogen removal characteristics and microbial metabolism mechanism of sulfur autotrophic denitrification coupled with anammox,2019.10-2022.9;

  • Science and technology projects of Guangdong Province,2014A050503025,Study on anaerobic digestion of municipal sludge for biogas production,2015.07-2018.06;

  • Guangzhou Science and technology project,201804010345,Study on synergetic denitrification of sulfur autotrophic denitrification and anammox,2018.04-2019.03;

  • Science and technology cooperation project between China and Hungary,E8120350,Study on new wastewater treatment process,2012.01-2013.12;

  • Projects entrusted by enterprises and institutions,D9203620,Life cycle assessment of waste plastics of municipal solid waste in Guangzhou,2020.09-2021.12;

  • Other projects include the Research Start-up Fund for returned Overseas Students of the Ministry of Education, The Natural Science Fund of Guangdong Province, the scientific research operating fees of central universities, and the entrusted projects of enterprises and institutions.

Academic Achievements


  1. Wu Chenglong, Qin Yujie*, Lan Yang, BuqingChen, LinyiChen. Effects of loading rates and N/S ratios in the sulfide-dependent autotrophic denitrification (SDAD) and Anammox coupling system. Bioresource Technology, 2020, 316: 123969.

  2. Chen Linyi , Qin Yujie *, Chen Buqing, WuChenglong, ZhengShaohong, ChenRenglu, YangShaohua, YangLan, LiuZhiju. Enhancing degradation and biogas production during anaerobic digestion of food waste using alkali pretreatment. Environmental Research, 2020, 188: 109743.

  3. Yujie Qin*, Chenglong Wu, Buqing Chen, Junyi Ren, Linyi Chen. Short term performance and microbial community of a sulfide-based denitrification and Anammox coupling system at different N/S ratios. Bioresource Technology, 2019, 294: 122130.

  4. Yujie Qin*, Linyi Chen, Tongyu Wang, Junyi Ren, Yan Cao, Shaoqi Zhou. Impacts of ferric chloride, ferrous chloride and solid retention time on the methane-producing and physicochemical characterization in high-solids sludge anaerobic digestion. Renewable Energy, 2019, 139: 1290-1298.

  5. Yujie Qin*, Yan Cao, Junyi Ren, Tongyu Wang, Bin Han. Effect of glucose on nitrogen removal and microbial community in anammox-denitrification system. Bioresource Technology, 2017, 244: 33-39.

  6. Yujie Qin*, Bin Han, Yan Cao, Tongyu Wang. Impact of substrate concentration on anammox-UBF reactors start-up. Bioresource Technology, 2017, 239: 422-429.

  7. Tongyu Wang, Yujie Qin*, Yan Cao, Bin Han, Junyi Ren. Simultaneous addition of zero-valent iron and activated carbon on enhanced mesophilic anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2017, 24: 22371-22381.

  8. Junyi Ren, Linyi Chen, Huichun Li, Yujie Qin *, Yan Cao, Tongyu Wang, Shaoqi Zhou. Start up and kinetic characteristics of anammox reactor with different kinds of sludge Environmental Science, 2019, 40(3): 1405-1411.

  9. Yan Cao, Tongyu Wang, Yujie Qin *, Bin Han, Junyi Ren. Analysis of denitrification performance and bacterial community diversity in anammox reactor. Environmental Science, 2017, 38(4): 275-281.

  10. Bin Han, Tongyu Wang, Yan Cao, Yujie Qin *. Denitrification performance of a denitrifying bacterium. Journal of Environmental Engineering, 2017, 11(3): 1935-1940.


  1. A reactor for rapid enrichment of anammox bacteria,Application number:201820506403.7,Inventors:Yujie Qin, Yan Cao, Junyi Ren, Tongyu Wang, Linyi Chen. Application date:2019.04.09.

  2. A sulfur autotrophic denitrification reactor,  Application number : 201820456238.9,Inventors:Yujie Qin, Junyi Ren, Tongyu Wang, Yan Cao, Linyi Chen.  Application date:2019.04.09.

  3. An experimental device for anaerobic digestion of high-containing solid sludge,Application number : 201820498390.3,Inventors:Yujie Qin, Tongyu Wang, Linyi Chen, Junyi Ren, Yan Cao.  Application date:2018.12.28

  4. A biogas production device by high temperature anaerobic digestion of sludge,Application number: 201820506076.5,Inventors:Yujie Qin, Linyi Chen, Tongyu Wang, Yan Cao, Junyi Ren,Application date:2018.12.28

Teaching activities/Awards

  • Awards:A number of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Awards, undergraduate graduation design excellent instructor, excellent class teacher, etc.

  • Teaching courses:Environmental engineering microbiology; Solid waste treatment and disposal technology, Ecological environment and human health, etc.(Undergraduate);Biodiversity and ecosystem services(Master);Environmental biology and microbial technology(Doctor)。

  • Guide students:Guide 13 graduate students.