Yan Chen
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NameYan Chen



Specialty:Energy Materials





Education background

2009-2014 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Ph.D (Advisor: Prof. Bilge Yildiz)

2006-2009 Peking University , Master of Engineering

2002-2006 Peking University, Bachelor of Science



2016-current: Professor

School of Environment and Energy, South China University of Technology

2014-2016:“Schlumberger Faculty for the Future” Postdoctoral Fellow

Laboratory for Electrochemical Interfaces, MIT, USA (Prof. Bilge Yildiz);

Nano Materials and Electronic Group, MIT, USA (Prof. Jing Kong)


Research Area

Energy materials for fuel cell, metal air battery, supercapacitor etc.; application of nuclear technology in Energy and Electronics


Research Projects


Academic Achievement:

Schlumberger   “Faculty for the Future fellowship”, Schlumberger Foundation, 2014, 2015


The   Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad, China   Scholarship Council, 2014 Young Researcher Supporting Program; Poster award, 19th International Conference   on Solid State Ionics (SSI), Kyoto, Japan, 2013

Student   Award,18th International Conference in Solid State Ionics, Warsaw, Poland,   2011

Research   was highlight on MIT NSE websitehttp://web.mit.edu/nse/news/spotlights/2014/chen.html

Selective   Publication:

1. Yu   Chen, Yan Chen(共同第一作者),   Dong Ding, et al. A robust and active hybrid catalyst for facile oxygen   reduction in solid oxide fuel cells, Energy Environ. Sci., 10 (2017) 10,   964-971 (IF 25.4)

2. Yan   Chen, Shuchi Ojha, Nikolai Tsvetkov, Dong Hun Kim, Bilge Yildiz and C. A.   Ross, Spinel/perovskite cobaltite nanocomposites synthesized by combinatorial   pulsed laser deposition, CrystEngComm 18 (2016) 7745(IF 3.8)

3. Yan   Chen, Helena Téllez , Monica Burriel, Fan Yang, Nikolai Tsvetkov, Zhuhua Cai,   David W. McComb, John A Kilner, Bilge Yildiz, Segregated chemistry and   structure on (001) and (100) surfaces of (La1-xSrx)2CoO4 override the crystal   anisotropy in oxygen exchange kinetics”, Chemistry of Materials 2 (2015) 5436   (IF 9.4)

4. Yan   Chen, Zhuhua Cai, Yener Kuru, Wen Ma, Harry L Tuller, Bilge Yildiz, Electronic   activation of cathode superlattices at elevated temperatures - source of   markedly accelerated oxygen reduction kinetics, Advanced Energy Materials 3   (2013) 1221 (Journal cover paper, highlight at MIT news) (IF 15.2)http://newsoffice.mit.edu/2013/superlattice-could-boost-fuel-cell-performance-0430

5. Yan   Chen, WooChul Jung, Zhuhua Cai, Jae Jin Kim, Harry L Tuller, Bilge Yildiz,   Impact of Sr segregation on the electronic structure and oxygen reduction   activity of SrTi1-xFexO3 surfaces,Energy & Environmental Science,   5 (2012) 7979 (IF 25.4)

6. Nikolay   Tsvetkov, Qiyang Lu, Yan Chen, Bilge Yildiz, Accelerated oxygen exchange   kinetics on Nd2NiO4+δ thin films with tensile strain along c-axis, ACS Nano,   9 (2015) 1613–1621(IF 13.3)

7. Nikolai   Tsvetkov, Yan Chen, Bilge Yildiz, Reducibility of Co at the La0.8Sr0.2CoO4/(La0.5Sr0.5)2CoO4   hetero-interface at elevated temperatures, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2   (2014) 14690-14695 (IF 8.2)

8. Wonyoung   Lee, Jeong Woo Han, Yan Chen, Zhuhua Cai, Bilge Yildiz, Cation Size Mismatch   and Charge Interactions Drive Dopant Segregation on the Surfaces of Manganite   Perovskites, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135 (2013) 7909 (IF   13.0)

9. Zhuhua   Cai, Yener Kuru, Jeong Woo Han, Yan Chen, Bilge Yildiz, Surface Electronic   Structure Transitions at High Temperature on Perovskite Oxides: The Case of   Strained La0.8Sr0.2CoO3 Thin Films,Journal of the American Chemical   Society133 (2011) 17696 (IF 13.0)