Junyu Zheng
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NameJunyu (Allen) Zheng

Gender Male


Specialty:083000 environmental science and engineering (Ph.D.),(academic master);

085229 environmental engineering ( professional master).




  Education background

·Ph. D. in Environmental Engineering (2002), North Carolina State University, USA

·M. S. in Environmental Engineering (1996), Tsinghua University, China

·B. S. in Environmental Engineering (1991), Wuhan Urban Construction Institute (now Huazhong University of Science and Technology), China


·2013.03 – 2016.10 Project science advisor, Institute of Space and Earth Information Science, CUHK

·2012.08 – 2013.01 Senior Visiting Scientist, IIASA, Vienna, Austria

·2011.06 –Doctoral tutor , Environ. Sci. & Eng., South China Univ. ofTechnology, China

·2011.03 –Guest researcher, Fok Ying Tung Graduate School of HKUST

·2010.09 –Professor, Environ. Sci. & Eng., South China Univ. ofTechnology, China

·2006.01 – 2010.09 Associate Professor, School of Environ. Sci. & Eng., South

China Univ. ofTechnology, PR China

·2004.11 –2005.12 Research Scientist, AMD, NERL, ORD, US EPA

·2002.05 – 2004.10 Research Fellow, North Carolina State University, USA

·1998.8 – 2002.5Research assistant, North Carolina State University, USA

   Research Area

·High resolution emission inventory methodology and application

·Region air quality modeling and coordination control strategy

·Uncertainty analysis in complex air quality models and inventory

·O3 pollution control study in VOCs reactive areas

·Multi-pollutant control and exposure assessment

·Development of portable emission-monitoring system

   Research Projects

Prof. Zheng hosted 18 research projects including the National Science Fund for Distinguished Yong Scholars, Special Equipment of NSFC, NSFC-GD joint key fund and 5 international cooperation projects. He also participated in 9 national and provincial projects including special project of the national key research VOC, “863”, national science and technology support plan. The cumulative value of these contracts is approximately 25 million yuan. The main research projects are as follows:

1.Development of a portable real-time on-board vehicle HCHO and HONO emission measurement system, NSFC-National Important Project on Scientific Instruments Development,Project Leader, 7.3 million yuan,2017.01-2022.12.

2.Integrated development and operation system for multi-functional area air quality monitoring and early warning decision,State Support Programs,Project Leader, 640 thousand yuan, 2014.10-2017.12.

3.Full coupling of air quality forecasting technology and regional pollution source dynamic analysis , State Support Programs,Project Leader, 0.7 million yuan, 2014.10-2017.12.

4.Quantitative characterization of uncertainty sources in complex air quality model and its improvement, NSFC-National ** Scholar Science Fund,Project Leader, 2 million yuan, 2014.01-2017.12.

5.A high resolution emission inventory of dust haze precursors in PRD, dust haze special project of Chines Academy of Sciences,Project Leader, 1.6million yuan, 2012.10-2017.10.

6.Uncertainty in Ammonia Emission Inventory and its Impact on Formation and Transport of Fine Particulate Matters,NSFC Fund,Project Leader, 0.7 million yuan,2012.01-2015.12.

7.A Synthetic study on compositional characteristics, formation mechanisms and control strategies of the secondary organic aerosols in the Pearl River Delta region, NSFC-GD joint Key Fund,Project Leader, 1.95 million yuan, 2011.01-2014.12.

8.Comprehensive prevention technology and control strategy of combined air pollution in Guangdong and Hong Kong, Guangdong Science and Technology Department Fund,Project Leader, 1 million yuan, 2009.10-2011.12.

9.Uncertainty quantitative analysis and case study based on the multi-scale photochemical air quality model, NSFC Fund,Project Leader, 0.41 million yuan, 2009.01-2011.12.

10.Research on atmosphere emission source of Guangzhou air quality assurance measure study in the 16th Asia games at 2010, Guangdong Environmental Protection Agency Fund,Project Leader, 0.9 million yuan, 2008.07-2011.12.

11.Uncertainty technology development and demonstration of emission inventory, “863” Fund,Study Director, 0.4 million yuan, 2006.10-2010.12.

12.Research on monitoring network optimization of combined air pollution and development of data integrated treatment technology, “863” Fund,Study Director, 0.4 million yuan, 2006.10-2010.12.

       Academic Achievement:

Prof. Zheng has more than 70 academic papers published in the subject area, which includes more than 40 famous international SCI journals. Moreoverthe representative paper published in Atmospheric Environment (AE) as the first author has been listed as one of most cited papers. Meanwhile, this paper was rated as one of the best 18 papers published from 1997 to 2011 on air pollution research filed. Then it was selected by AE- Virtual Special Issue on Air Quality in China. In addition, Prof. Zheng compiled and published the academic monograph of “Technical methods and applications for the establishment of high resolution atmospheric emission sources in regions (Science Press, 2013)”.

Prof. Zheng has obtained numerous awards, including Second Class Prize for S&T Progress of China (the key technologies and application for high resolution emission inventory of air pollution in region,2015), First Class Prize for S&T Progress of State Education Ministry of China (the key technologies and application for high resolution emission inventory of air pollution in region, ranking NO.5,2014), Winner of National ** Scholar Fund by NSFC (China, 2013), Third Class Prize for Guangdong science and technology progress (2012), First Class Prize for Guangdong environmental protection science and technology award (the environmental air quality forecast and safeguards research for the 26th Summer Universiade,2012).

The representative academic achievement as follows:

1.Zheng, J.Y. *, Zhang, L.J., Che, W.W., Zheng, Z.Y., Yin, S.S., 2009. A highly resolved temporal and spatial air pollutant emission inventory for the Pearl River Delta region, China and its uncertainty assessment.Atmos. Environ., 43(32): 5112-5122.

2.Zheng, J.Y., Shao, M.*, Che, W.W., Zhang, L.J., Zhong, L.J., Zhang, Y.H., Streets, D., 2009. Speciated VOC emission inventory and spatial pattern of ozone formation potentials in the Pearl River Delta, China.Environ. Sci. Technol., 43, 8580-8586.

3.Zheng, J.Y. *, Zhong, L.J., Wang, T., Louie, P.K.K., Li, Z.C., 2010. Ground-level ozone in the Pearl River Delta region: analysis of data from a recently established regional air quality monitoring network. Atmos. Environ., 44, 814-823.

4.Zheng, J.Y. *, Zheng, Z.Y., Yu, Y.F., Zhong, L.J., 2010.Temporal, spatial characteristics and uncertainty of biogenic VOC emissions in the Pearl River Delta region, China. Atmos. Environ., 44, 1960-1969.

5.Zheng, J.Y. *, Feng, X.Q., Liu, P.W., Zhong, L.J., Lai, S.C., 2011. Site location optimization of regional air quality monitoring network in China: methodology and case study.J. Environ. Monit., 13: 3185-3195.

6.Zheng, J.Y. *, Ou, J.M., Mo, Z.W., Yin, S.S., 2011. Mercury emission inventory and its spatial characteristics in the Pearl River Delta region, China.Sci Total Environ., 412-413:214-22.

7.Zheng, J.Y. *, He, M., Shen, X.L., Yin, S.S., Yuan, Z.B., 2012. High resolution of black carbon and organic carbon emissions in the Pearl River Delta region, China.Sci Total Environ., 438:189-200.

8.Zheng, J.Y.*, Yu, Y.F., Mo, Z.W., Zhang, Z., Wang, X.M., Yin, S.S., Peng, K., Yang, Y., Feng, X.Q., Cai, H.H., 2013. Industry sector-based volatile organic compound (VOC) source profiles measured from manufacturing workshop and exhaust chimney in the Pearl River Delta, China.Sci Total Environ., 456-457:127-36.

9.Shasha Yin,Junyu Zheng *, Qing Lu, Zibing Yuan, Zhijiong Huang, Liuju Zhong, Hui Lin., A refined 2010-based VOC emission inventory and its improvement on modeling regional ozone in the Pearl River Delta Region, China,Science of the Total Environment, 514 (2015) 426–438.

10.Xuemei Wang, Tao Wang,Junyu Zheng, Min Shao, Xinming Wang. Progress in understanding the formation of fine particulate matter and ground-level ozone in Pearl River Delta region, China.Atmospheric Environment.,122 (2015) 808.

11.Jiamin Ou, Zibing Yuan, Junyu Zheng, Zhijiong Huang,Min Shao, Zekun Li, Xiaobo Huang, Hai Guo, and Peter K. K. Louie. Ambient Ozone Control in a Photochemically Active Region: Short-Term Despiking or Long-Term Attainment?Environ. Sci. Technol., 2016, 50, 5720−5728.

12.Cheng Li, Zibing Yuan, Jiamin Ou, Xiaoli Fan, Siqi Ye, Teng Xiao, Yuqi Shi, Zhijiong Huang, Simon K.W. Ng, Zhuangmin Zhong, Junyu Zheng, An AIS-based high-resolution ship emission inventory and its uncertainty in Pearl River Delta region, China.Science of The Total Environment, 2016, 573: 1-10.

13.Huang, Z.J., Hu, Y.T.,Zheng, J.Y. *, Yuan, Z., Russell, A. G., Ou, J.M., Zhong, Z.M. A New Combined Stepwise-Based High-Order Decoupled Direct and Reduced-Form Method To Improve Uncertainty Analysis in PM2.5 Simulations.Environ. Sci. Technol., (2017), 51 (7), 3852-3859.

14.Junyu Zheng*, Shuisheng WangZhijiong HuangShasha YinSiqi Ye. Technical methods and applications for the establishment of high resolution atmospheric emission sources in regions[D],Science Press, 2013.