Jinquan Wan
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Name Jin-Quan Wan



Specialty:083000Environmental Science and Engineering (Academic doctor, PhD),

083000Environmental Science and Engineering (Academic Master),

085229 Environmental Engineering (Professional Master),

Telephone: (+86)136-6053-9751 (mobile) 020-39380560/87114970 (office)

E-mail: ppjqwan@scut.edu.cn

IntroductionBorn in October 1965 in Jining city of Shandong Province, doctor of engineering, National 2nd Class Full Professor, doctoral tutor. vice-director of “the Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Ecosystem Restoration in Industry Clusters of the Ministry of Education”; the State Council special allowance expert; expert of “the Chinese Academy of Engineering Science and Technology Development Association”; national training object of the talent projects of Guangdong Province. In 2010 awarded the National Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker by the China Association of Science and Technology, in 2011 awarded the the top ten outstanding returnees of Guangzhou City  by the Guangzhou municipal government; in 2014 awarded the Guangdong Province Labor Medal by the Guangdong Provincial Government; In 2015 won the Guangdong Patent Inventor Award of the Guangdong Provincial Government; in 2012 was named my favorite mentor of the South China University of Technology; in 2011 and 2013 was named excellent doctoral thesis instructor of the South China University of Technology twice.

Education background

1993- present, graduated from SCUT and then engaged in teaching and research work,

1998-1999, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada.


Prof. Wan has long been engaged in the study of wastewater pollution control, and has carried out a lot of research work on the theory of accumulation and degradation of POPs in wastewater, the theory and technology of advanced biochemical treatment and advanced oxidation treatment, and the intelligent control strategy in wastewater treatment process and gained fruitful research and technicalachievements. We has put forward a set of new wastewater treatment theories, including the  the persistent organic pollutants carbon source synergistic metabolic biological treatment; industrial wastewater treatment system embedded three-tier network control; wastewater of the materialization-biochemical integration approach; ethanol fermentation Multi-point reflow IC anaerobic biological treatment technologies and PS-based heterogeneous advanced oxidation technologies”, to solve the low-efficiencies, and easy-accumulating of POPs and other problems of the industrial wastewater treatment process. We obtained a number of Chinese and international invention patents, leading the development trend of the modern wastewater treatment technologies. Additional, more than 80 enterprises have applied our wastewater treatment technologies, saving a total of more than 700,000 tons of wastewater per day, and achieving benefits of 207 million through the water, energy saving, sediment reuse every year, which has made important contributions for reducing industrial pollution and protecting China's environment. April 15, 2003, South China University of Technology newspaper made a special report in detail for our own scientific research with protect Clear water, the benefit of the people as the title. October 31, 2003,Southern Metropolis Daily; June 6, 2005, China Paper; October 17, 2005, Dongguan Daily, March 2008, Magazine of Environment; January,2010 Xinhua News Agency, May, 2010, Guangdong Science and Technology and other media also reported, and also cordially met and received by Hu Jintao, Xi Jinping and other party and state leaders. Especially, the clean production theories and technologies of the “closed circulation of the papermaking wastewater and the recycling of sludge” have been widely recognized by academic communities and adopted by more and more papermaking mills. The national development and Reform Commission has identified those theories and technologies as paper industry circular economy supporting technologies, Now, the research work in this field has been at the leading level. In 2014, the Chinese Academy of Sciences awarded Wan Jin-Quan “the first Chinese paper making science and technology award”, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to China's paper industry pollution control.

Up to now, our team has trained nearly 100 master and doctoral graduates. Students won the South China University of Technology outstanding doctoral thesis twice in 2011 and 2013. Many graduates won the South China University of Technology graduate student innovation fund, the Ministry of education doctoral student academic new award, Guangdong outstanding graduate award; and went to United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea for training. With the guidance of Prof. Wan, undergraduates completed the Guangzhou Greenday Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. business plan, and gained bronze medal of the 7th session of the Challenge Cup Chinese college students entrepreneurial plan competition, Guangdong province gold medal in 2010. The classes Environment and Ecology in 2012 is listed as the first batch of video open course construction course in 2012 and has been posted online in the China University Video Open Course course website and its cooperation website China Network TV, Netease TV website. Additional, the course materials in 2013 was named the first batch of South China University of Technology 12th Five-Year undergraduate teaching materials key construction projects.

Research Area

(1) anaerobic-aerobic treatment technologies of industrial wastewater;

(2) the method of intelligent control of wastewater treatment systems;

(3) the development of high-efficient wastewater treatment chemicals;

(4) the advanced oxidation treatment technologies of wastewater;

(5) the transformation and migration characteristics of POPS in wastewater.

Research Projects

Successively presided over the scientific research projects include the national 863 project, the national water pollution control major projects, the National Development and Reform Commission wastewater treatment in Three Gorges reservoir area special fund, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the doctoral fund of Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education personnel Fund, the natural science foundation of Guangdong Province, energy-saving emission reduction major science and technology projects of Guangdong Province, high-level talent fund in Guangdong Province, the strategic emerging industries core technology research projects of Guangdong Province, the Science and Technology projects of Guangdong Province, the Science and Technology Projects of Guangzhou city, the major science and technology of Fujian Province and so on, and presided over the design, installation and commission of more than 50 large and medium-sized wastewater treatment projects, has a wealth of scientific research and practical engineering experience.

Academic Achievement

Prof. Wan has publish more than 220 academic papers in the journals, including Water Environment Research, Bioresource Technology, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly, Carbohydrate Polymers, Cellouse Chemistry and Technology, Environmental Science, Chinese Environmental Science, Chemical Journal and other international journals. More than 150 articles were included in three indexes (including 53 SCI papers indexed by SCI database), cited more than 320 times. many SCI papers were rated as good performance papers, and as “Cover Story” on 2014 fifth CEJ (Chemical Engineering Journal) cover. Have been invited to report in domestic and international academic conferences, including the 2010 Taipei Ecological Industrial Zone International Symposium on “Anaerobic Treatment of Wastewater from Papermaking with OCC as Raw Material in IC Anaerobic Reactor (special report); 2012 Chinese Academy of Engineering 147th field engineering conference (Beijing) report papermaking wastewater toxic pollutant removal and environmental risk assessment; the Annual Report of the China Paper Society in 2014 The Microstructure and Recycling Performance of Recycled Plant Fibers; MOFs Assembly and activation characteristics for PS catalytic system report on Cross-Strait Environmental Assemblies in 2015.

Compiled and published the principle and technology of papermaking fiber decay inhibition (supported by the outstanding science and technology monograph publishing fund of Guangdong Province in 2013 and the 12th Five-Year national key planning and publication project); Clean Production (Guangdong Science and Technology Press, 2013); Environment and Ecology (South China University of Technology Press, 2013); Introduction to Paper Industry Environmental Engineering (China Light Industry Press, 2005); the Paper Industry Wastewater Treatment Technology and Engineering (Chemical Industry Press, 2008); papermaking and pollution control (China Light Industry Press, 2003), compiled light industry energy-saving emission reduction and strategic emerging industries. I have been authorized by the national patent 32 (including 21 invention patents, 11 practical licenses), the international patent PCT 3, the United States patent 1, computer software copyright 6 as the first inventor.

In recent years, completed the identification of 3 scientific and technological achievements, gained 13 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological awards, of which were the China Light Industry Federation Technology Invention Award in 2016; the Guangdong Patent Excellence Award in 2016; the Ministry of Education Natural Science Award in 2015; the Guangdong Science and Technology Award in 2014; the Guangdong Patent Gold Award in 2011; the China Patent Excellence Award in 2010; the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2009; the Fujian Science and Technology Progress Second prize in 2009; the Guangdong Science and Technology Award in 2007; the National Environmental Protection Ministry of Environmental Protection Science and Technology Achievement Award (ranked second) in 2006; the Guangdong Environmental Protection Science and Technology Achievement Award (ranked second) in 2006; the first national outstanding patent project award (ranked first) in 2006; the Second China Technology Market Golden Bridge Award (ranked first) in 2005.