Shaolin Zhou
time: 2017-05-08

Name: Shaolin Zhou

Introduction: Shaolin Zhou is an Associate Professor from the School of Electronics and Information Engineering, South China University of Technology. He received his BSc from Harbin Institute of Technology, P. R. China in 2006, PhD from Institute of Optics& electronics, CAS. He also visited Western University (Canada) as a post-doctoral fellow in 2013-2015 and currently visiting the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as a Hong Kong scholar. His research interest comprises the micro/nanofabrication & optoelectronic devices, MEOMS, optoelectronics etc. He also serves in the peer-review process of several journals including Optics Letter, Optics Express, Applied Optics, IEEE Photonics Technology Letter, IEEE Photonics Journal etc.



Tel:     +86*******


Address:  Room 629, 30th Building,

School of Electronic and Information Engineering,
 South China University of Technology (SCUT),
 Guangzhou, China, 510640.

Education Experience

l2016.01-present, Hong Kong Scholar, HK University of Science and Technology, HK.

l2013.02-2014.10: Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Western Ontario (now named as Western University), London, Ontario, Canada.

lPh.D., 2006-2011,Institute of Optics and Electronics (IOE), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu, China

lB.S., Opto-electrical Engineering, 2002-2006, Department of Automatic Test and Control, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China

Research InterestMicro/nanofabrication & optoelectronic devices, photonic & plasmonic devices, THZ devices, MEMS & microfluidic devices etc.

Recent Projects: prototype of THZ devices by 3D printing related technologies, semiconductor photonic devices.

Achievement :HongKong scholar


Journal Papers

lShaolin Zhou, Junbo Liu, Qian Deng, ChangqingXie, and Mansun Chan, Effect of Near-Field Diffraction in Photolithography of Hexagonal Arrays for Dichroic Filters, IEEE Photonics J. 8, 1–11 (2016).

lShaolin Zhou, Junbo Liu, Qqian Deng, ChangqingXie, and Mansun Chan, Depth-of-focus determination for Talbot lithography of large-scale free-standing periodic features, IEEE photonics Technol. Lett. 1135, 2–5 (2016). (in early access)

lJunbo Liu, Shaolin Zhou*, Yong Yang, Song Hu, Yu He, and Yinghong Chen, The anomaly of periodicity-doubling in projection photolithography of periodic features, IEEE Photonics Technol. Lett. 1135, 1–1 (2016). (in early access)

lShaolin Zhou, Yong Yang,Song Hu,XiangminXu, Scalar-based Analysis Of Phase Gratings etched in the Micro/nanofabrication process, IEEE Photonics Journal, 7(4), 4900111(2015).

lJunbo Liu, Shaolin Zhou*, et al, “Spectrum-integral Talbot effect to extend Depth-of-Focus for lithography of periodic structures”, IEEE photonics Technology Letters, 27(20),2201(2015).

lShaolin Zhou, Mingjun Hu, Qiuquan Guo et al, Solvent-transfer assisted photolithography of high-density and high-aspect-ratio superhydrophobic micropillar arrays, J. Micromechanics Microengineering 25, 025005 (2015).

lShaolin Zhou, Song Hu, Yongqi Fu, Xiangmin Xu, Jun Yang, “Moiré interferometry with high alignment resolution in proximity lithographic process”, Applied Optics53(5), 951-959 (2014).

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lShaolin zhou, Feng Xu, Song Hu, Xiaoping Tang, “Positioning scheme based on Grating modulation and phase imaging in lithography”, Proc. SPIE 7657, the 5th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing, 2010: 76571G.

lShaolin Zhou, Yong Yang, Wangfu Chen, Wei Yan, Ping Ma, Wenbo Jiang, Song Hu, Xiaoping Tang, “Dual-grating-based nanometer measurement”, Acta OpticaSinica, 2009, 29(3):702-706.(in Chinese)

lFeng Xu, Song Hu and Shaolin Zhou, Fringe pattern analysis for optical alignment in nanolithography using two-dimensional Fourier transform, Opt. Eng., 2011,50(8): pp. 088001-088001-6.


·Shaolin Zhou, Song Hu, Xiaoping, Tang, et al, “A wafer-mask leveling method at a single spot based on the phase distribution” CN201010276966, issued on March 18, 2012.

·Jun Yang, Shaolin Zhou, MonodispersePhotopolymericMicrosieve orMicrofiltration Membrane produced in a spin-coating and self-delamination photolithographic process, 2013, (patent in preparation of application).