Prof. Keiichi Tomishige (Tohoku University Japan)
time: 2017-05-19

    Dr. Keiichi Tomishige received his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. from Department of Chemistry, University of Tokyo. Now he is a Professor in School of Engineering, Tohoku University. His research interests are the development of heterogeneous catalysts for:

    1) production of biomass-derived chemicals,

    2) direct synthesis of organic carbonates from CO2 and alcohols,

    3) steam reforming of biomass tar, and

    4) syngas production by natural gas reforming.

    Professor Tomishige has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers (Citation = 6692, and H-index = 49, Web of Science). He is Associate Editor of Fuel Processing Technology (2014/2-), Editorial board of Applied Catalysis A (2009/4-), Editorial advisory board of ACS Catalysis (2013/11-), International Advisory Board of ChemSusChem (2015/1-) and Advisory Board of Green Chemistry (2016/8-).

Current Research:

Catalyst/resource chemical process

Original Papers


Demethoxylation of guaiacol and methoxybenzenes over carbon-supported Ru-Mn catalyst.[APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL,182,(2016),193-203]Ishikawa, Momoko Tamura, Masazumi Nakagawa, Yoshinao Tomishige, Keiichi


Cu Sub-Nanoparticles on Cu/CeO2 as an Effective Catalyst for Methanol Synthesis from Organic Carbonate by Hydrogenation.[ACS CATALYSIS,6(1),(2016),376-380]Tamura, Masazumi Kitanaka, Takahisa Nakagawa, Yoshinao Tomishige, Keiichi


Selective transformation of hemicellulose (xylan) into n-pentane, pentanols or xylitol over a rhenium-modified iridium catalyst combined with acids.[GREEN CHEMISTRY,18(1),(2016),165-175]Liu, Sibao Okuyama, Yasuyo Tamura, Masazumi Nakagawa, Yoshinao Imai, Akio Tomishige, Keiichi


Promoting effect of trace Pd on hydrotalcite-derived Ni/Mg/Al catalyst in oxidative steam reforming of biomass tar.[Appl. Catal. B-Environ.,179,(2015),412-421]Chen, Jinhai Tamura, Masazumi Nakagawa, Yoshinao Okumura, Kazu Tomishige, Keiichi