Competitive Sports Achievements
time: 2015-07-20
  On the 2006 Doha Asian Games, SCUT athletes ZHAO Jing, LIU Hong, SONG Aimin and HE Dan made a great achievement, winning a total of 4 gold medals and 2 bronze medals. ZHAO Jing won the championship of women’s 50-meter backstroke and the women’s 400-meter medley relay, and she was also the third place in the women’s 100-meter backstroke. In Women’s 20km walk, LIU Hong and HE Dan took the gold medal and bronze medal respectively. SONG Aimin was crowned champion of Women’s Discus Throw.
The 24th World Universiade
  On the 24th Universiade Bangkok held from Aug.8 to Aug.18, SCUT students GAN Lin and SUN Yi won 2 precious gold medals for our country.
National Universiade 2007
  On the 8th National Universiade, SCUT athletes won a total of 33 gold medals, 30 silver medals and 16 bronze medals, with 6 people broke the national universiade records in swimming as well as track and field. A total of 176 universities participated in the Principal Cup election of this National Universiade, and SCUT won the championship with the score of 803.5, which fully reveals the great achievements SCUT has made in the moral, intellectual and physical education.
Swimming World Championship 2009
  In the women’s 50-meter backstroke final competition at the 2009 Swimming World Championships, SCUT’s ZHAO Jing won the gold medal with a stunning time of 27.06, which crushed the previous world record! This is the second gold medal that China won and the second time for Chinese swimmers to break the world record on this Swimming World Championship.
The 50th World Table Tennis Championship, 2009
  On the 50th World Table Tennis Championship in Yokohama, CAO Zhen of China and her team member combined to beat national team colleagues to clinch the mixed doubles gold medal with the score of 4-2 after fierce competition. CAO is from the School of Business Administration of SCUT. This is the first gold China won at this championships, CAO Zhen and LI Ping’s good performance made a good start for national team.