Helping the poor and lighting up their desire to read with books
time: 2020-04-28

April 23 is the 25th World reading day. On this day, Su Qiubin, the leader of the poverty alleviation team assigned by South China University of Technology to Kongmei Village and secretary of the village general party branch, received a batch of books donated by the School of Public Administration. He and the staff of the village culture room immediately sorted the books into shelves and welcomed the first batch of readers from the village. Donating books to Kongmei Village is one of the practices inspired by the theme education activity called “Never Forget the Original Intention and Keep the Mission in Mind”. During the themed education activity, the SPA Party Committee called on all teachers and students to donate books for the Kongmei Village, and finally collected in total 400 books.

SPA donated books to Kongmei Village