ZHAO Qingnian
time: 2018-03-29


     *ZHAO Qingnian     


     *School of Public Administration, South China University of Technology

     *Research FieldsHigher Education (Evaluation and policy of higher education development; Regional higher education; Economic research in higher education)

Academic Degrees:

In   2009,  Ph.D in Education, Xiamen University ,China;

In 1986, BA in Mining Engineering, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology, China;

Academic Achievements:

*Presided over the General Research Project of the National Social Science Fund of China: “Study on the Differential Development of Regional Higher Education” and the“Research on the Relationship between Regional Higher Education and Regional Economy”;

*Participated in the Educational General Topic of the National Social Science Found: “Empirical Research on Orientation of Ordinary Universities in China”, “Research on the Evaluation and Promotion of Regional Higher Education Science and Technology Innovation Capability”and "Research on Evaluation of University Social Service Capacity in China";

* Hosted over 10 other government projects;

* Published nearly 40 Chinese papers as an independent or first author;

* Published a monograph titled "Research on the Development of Regional Higher Education Discrepancies" independently;

*Published a monograph titled "Empirical Research on Ordinary Colleges and Universities" as the first author.

Academic Awards:

* Won 6 awards from the provincial government for outstanding teaching achievement in China;

* Won the 3rd prize (thesis) in the Outstanding Achievement Award of the Philosophy and Social Science of Guangdong Province in China.

* Won the 3rd Prize of the Outstanding Achievement Award of the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Institute of the Heilongjiang Higher Education Institution (Thesis)

* Won the 1st prize and the 3rd prize for the Heilongjiang Provincial Higher Education Scientific Achievement Award.

Concurrent Academic Post:

*The Review Expert of the humanities and social sciences project of the Chinese Ministry of Education;

*The Review Expert of theproject of the philosophy and social sciences of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City

*The Senior Professional Title Reviewer of college teachers in Guangdong Province.