YANG Yinan
time: 2018-03-23

Name: YANG yinan

Title: Professor

Department: Social Security

E-mail: yangynan@scut.edu.cn

Main research areas:

Social security, Insurance, Labor Economics, Health Economics


Ph.D in Management, Renmin University of China, 2009

Master, Bachelor, Wuhan University, 2000-2006

Courses Taught

Statistics, Advanced Quantitative Research Method

Publications Papers 

[1]Shangfeng Zhang, Siwa Xu, Yue Sun, Yinan Yang*, Tingting Hu, The Macroeconomic Effect of Disaster Shocks: DSGE Models

Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics(EI),forthcoming

[2]Yang Yinan, Wang, Q. Insurance Inclusion, Time Preference and the Stock Investment of Chinese Households, Singapore Economic Review, 2018,vol.63.No.1.pp.1-18. (SSCI:Q4) 

[3]Yang Yinan, Williamson, J.B. and Shen,C. Social Security for China's Rural Aged: a Proposal Based on a Universal Non-Contributory Pension, International Journal of Social Welfare, 2010,19(2): 236-243. (SSCI:Q3)

[4]Williamson, J.B. Shen, C. and Yang Yinan, Which Pension Model Holds the Most Promise for China: a FDC Scheme, a NDC Scheme or a Universal Social Pension? Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 2009, 17(2): 101-112.