time: 2017-06-30



Name: FANG Jun

Doctor, Professor, Master's Supervisor

Basic information:

School of public administration, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China

Post Code: 510641

Officeroom 204NO.5 Building


Field of Research

1.Public administration and governmental function

2.Research on the development of the third sector (NGO)


Courses Offered

1.Public human resource management

2.Introduction to the western original book on management


Major Publication

Journal Publications

1. Rationalizing triple relations between the government and the Third Sector, Journal of Northeastern University, 2013,1

2. On the credibility of Non-governmental charitable organization, Journal of Chinese Public Administration, 2012,9

3. Review on the interaction relationship between government and the third sector, Journal of Shanghai Administration College, 2008,2

4. Analysis on the relationship between government and the third sector, Academic research, 2007, 6

5. On the construction of civil society: from the prospective of the growth of the third sector, Lingnan Journal, 2006,2

Research Project

1. On The collaborative strategy among government. Market and the third sector Under the background of aging society coming, Social Science Foundation Project of National Department of Education, Project Chief, 2013

2.Empirical research on the cooperation framework between government and the third sector, National Social Science Foundation Project, Project Chief , 2008

3.On the construction of benign relationship between government and the third sector, Educational Ministry Foundation Project, Project Chief , 2006