School of Software Engineering of South China University of Technology, established in 2001, is one of the first batch national demonstration software colleges. It contains three departments: software technology, software service engineering, data science and engineering. The school is qualified to confer doctoral, master and bachelor degree in software engineering. And there is a post-doctoral research station for software engineering in our school.

In 2009, School of Software Engineering was approved to establish the National Software Talent Training Model Innovation Experimental Zone of the Ministry of Education. In 2010, the software engineering major was awarded the first batch of Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program by the Ministry of Education. In 2011, it joined the first batch of National Engineering Practice Education Center. In 2012, the software engineering major was included in the first batch of professional comprehensive reform pilots of the Ministry of Education. In 2014, it won the first prize of the seventh teaching achievement of Guangdong Province. In 2015, the software engineering major was approved as a pilot program for comprehensive reform of undergraduate majors in Guangdong Province.

School of Software Engineering has a teaching and research team with rich teaching experience and high academic level. There are 69 faculty members, including 14 professors, 14 associate professors and other associate professors. The college has 7 research teams, which are intelligent software and robotics, software service engineering and cloud computing, software construction theory and methods, big data systems and cloud computing, data science and intelligent software, large-scale software development methods and applications, artificial intelligence and machine learning. There is one key laboratory of the Ministry of Education and 6 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research bases, including the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Big Data and Intelligent Robots, the Key Laboratory of Cross-media Big Data and Machine Intelligence in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province Social Media Processing and Software Development Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangzhou Key Laboratory of Robot Software and Complex Information Processing, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Joint Laboratory of Big Data and Robot Intelligence, Guangdong Province Software Development and Service Engineering Technology Research Center, and Guangdong Province Multimedia Intelligent Marketing  Engineering Technology Research Center. There are also two talent training bases, including the National Software Talent Training Model Innovation Experimental Zone, the National Engineering Practice Education Center. Staff in our school have  successively undertaken a number of high-level research projects, including National Natural Science Foundation of China Projects, Guangdong Province Application Key Special Projects, Guangdong Province Science and Technology Innovation Major Projects, Guangzhou City Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Major Projects, enterprise cooperation and other scientific research projects. A number of high-level scientific research achievements have been reached, with a number of top research papers being published.

Currently, the college has nearly two thousand students (including undergraduate and graduate students). The college fully implements the Party's educational policy, integrates the cultivation and practice of socialist core values throughout the entire process of education and teaching, and cultivates socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic. According to the guiding spirit of the national exemplary school of software engineering, the college adheres to the following: new mechanism operation, new model training; strengthen engineering training, close school-enterprise cooperation, and achieve international integration; brewsoftware research and development talents with a good foundation, strong ability, excellent English, and good collaboration. Oriented to the needs of national and regional science and technology and industrial development, the school cultivates engineering, international and inter-disciplinaryhigh-quality software engineering elites and leading talents in the software industry. These talents are equipped with a solid software engineering theory and technical foundation, innovative thinking, creative ability, and entrepreneurial spirit. The employment rate of college graduates is over 99% every year, and most of them are employed in well-known international and domestic IT companies.