Integration of production and education, collaborative education, software school innovative talent training model


   In order to implement the new engineering F plan, cultivate "three innovations" (innovation, creation, and entrepreneurship) talents with both family and national sentiments and global perspectives, and solidly promote the construction of characteristic exemplary school of software engineering,  The signing ceremony of the 2021 training camp and practice base has recently beenheldsolemnly in the 106 meeting room of the B1 International Building.

2021 training camp and internship base signing ceremony venue

 Deputy Director Zhang Xingming of the Academic Affairs Office, Secretary Zhong Jianhua of the School of Software Engineering, Dean Wang Zhenyu and other team members, as well as representatives of 20 companies and more than 100 student representatives attended the event. The meeting was presided over by Deputy Secretary Zhan Yusheng. On behalf of the Software College, Secretary Zhong Jianhua welcomed the active participation of enterprises and students, introduced the teaching goals and related arrangements of comprehensive development training, and emphasized that the training of software talents should educate people for the party and the country.

Speech by Secretary Zhong Jianhua of the SSE

Deputy Director Zhang Xingming praised theefforts ofSchool of Software Engineering to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and innovative talent training models, and raised great expectations to the students, hoping that they would cherish learning opportunities and strive to enhance their professional capabilities.

Speech by Deputy Director Zhang Xingming of the Academic Affairs Office

During the meeting, Deputy Director Zhang Xingming and Dean Wang Zhenyu awarded 10 cooperative education trophies for Bytedance and Tencent; Secretary Zhong Jianhua and Deputy Dean Tao Qian for the Fifth Research Institute of Electronics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 10 companies, including Guangzhou Xiaopeng Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., issued plaques for the teaching practice base of the School of Software of South China University of Technology; corporate representatives and teacher representatives gave speeches one after another, and student representatives asked the corresponding companies on topics of interest to them and communicated with them.

Deputy Director Zhang Xingming and Dean Wang Zhenyu presented a commemorative trophy for collaborative education to outstanding cooperative enterprises

In his concluding speech, Dean Wang Zhenyu pointed out that the comprehensive training and teaching practice base provides a docking platform for school-enterprise cooperation, and provides a good opportunity for universities to cultivate software talents, students' self-development, and companies recruit talents. It is worthy foruniversities and enterprises to explore; welcome more outstanding enterprises to join the school-enterprise cooperation team, and jointly innovate the software talent training model through the integration of production and education and collaborative education.

Dean Wang Zhenyu of the SSE Concluding Speech

Participating corporate guests

In response to the needs of the industry, the School of Software Engineering formulated a training plan for 2021, revised the training course outline, and invited 10 companies such as ByteDance, Tencent, and NetEase to participate in the comprehensive training in 2021, adhering to the principle of “training before taking up jobs” and has selected 56 comprehensive training instructors, built 10 training courses, and signed teaching practice base agreements with 18 well-known domestic companies.Integrating production and education, coordinating education, innovating software talent training models, and improve undergraduate teaching.