Professor Chen Xiaoping was Invited to the School of Software Engineering for Academic Exchange


On December 10,2020 , Professor Chen Xiaoping was invited to visit School of Software Engineering and give a lecture in B8 Academic Report Hall. A number of teachers including Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Zhan Yusheng, Deputy Dean Yang Xiaowei, Associate Professor Liu Yanxia, and Teacher Zeng Bing attended this academic exchange event.

Professor ChenXiaoping’s report is titled Development Trends of Artificial Intelligence: New Opportunities and New Challenges . The fourth wave of artificial intelligence has arrived. The breadth and depth of research is advancing rapidly, and the breadth and depth of cross-penetration with neighboring disciplines is also growing rapidly. The first part of the report sorted out the artificial intelligence technology system, including two typical types of artificial intelligence (thinking machines and intelligent machines) and two typical thinking (power method and training method). The second part introduced conventionalAI technical conditions Scene closure, and analyzed the capability boundary and application path of existing artificial intelligence technology. The third part looked forward to the development trend of the fourth wave of artificial intelligence, and introduced several efforts (open knowledge, fusion principles) and progress that go beyond closure.

At the end of the lecture, the teachers and students present had a lively discussion with Professor Chen Xiaoping on the content of the lecture. Professor Chen Xiaoping combined his rich theoretical knowledge and research experience to answer the questions in detail.

This lecture was close to the frontiers of software engineering disciplines, broadened the horizons of the teachers and students of the School of Software, and learned cutting-edge academic information, which was unanimously praised by the teachers and students.

Brief introduction of the speaker:

Chen Xiaoping is the director of the Robot Technology Standard Innovation Base of the University of Science and Technology of China, a professor of the School of Computer Science, and an executive member of the Global Artificial Intelligence Council. He was the chairman of the robot field of the 2015 World Artificial Intelligence Joint Conference, and the chairman of the 2015 and 2008 RoboCup Robot World Cup and academic conferences. Winner of the President's Award for "Outstanding Research" of the University of Science and Technology of China, the Best Autonomous Robot Award and the General Robot Skill Award at the World Artificial Intelligence Joint Conference, the 12 Robot World Cup champions, and the IEEE ROBIO ' 2016 Best Paper Award winners. Based on the principle of "disaggregation" and the technical route of "open knowledge", continuous research and engineering implementation have been carried out on the "Kejia" and "Jiajia" robots.