Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of SCUT, went to the School of Software Engineering to conductResearch and Guidance


On the morning of June 15th Li Weiqing, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of South China University of Technology , led a team to our school to communicate with members of the school’s party and government leadership on "one school, one policy", international construction, student work, etc. discussion; International Office , Personnel and Student Affairs (Department) responsible person accompanying the research , the  Party Committee secretary of SSE,  Zhong Jianhua chaired the meeting.


meeting venue

School leadership have reported  the basic situation of SSE to Li Weiqing, vice president and his party, learn the status quo Branch Development, construction of teachers, international exchanges and cooperation, students work situation and other aspects. There were especially in-depth exchanges and discussions on the difficult aspects of  talent introduction and students education management and graduate employment under the  epidemic,as well as the current puzzles and problems faced by the college's discipline development.

After listening carefully to the report, Vice President Li Weiqing fully affirmed the school’s past work performance and pointed out that the school should take advantage of the new round of construction of the Ministry of Education’s characteristic software school, do hard work, adapt to local conditions, and make full use of its own advantages. Take the path of differentiated development; under the premise of forming characteristics and stable and sustainable development , build the cornerstone and work together to effectively promote the high-quality connotative development of the school