2019-2023 The First Plenary Meeting of the Software Engineering Professional Teaching Steering Committee of Guangdong Undergraduate college was successfully held


        On the morning of October 22, the first plenary session of the Software Engineering Professional Teaching Steering Committee of Guangdong Province undergraduate colleges was successfully held at the School of Software Engineering of SCUT. All members of the  Guangdong Undergraduate Software Engineering Teaching Steering Committee, some university representatives and main leaders of the Software College attended the meeting.

(Photos of the committee members)

         At the meeting, the Dean of the School of Software Engineering gave a welcome speech on behalf of the College and read the document of the department of education of Guangdong provice on the establishment of the Instruction Committee for Software Engineering Majors in Undergraduate Universities: Professor Huang Han was hired as chairman of the Guangdong Software Engineering Teaching Committee. Professor Huang Han then issued a letter of appointment for all members of the committee. During the meeting, Professor Zuo Baohe, the former chairman of the Software Engineering Teaching Committee of Guangdong Province, and Professor Tang Yong, the deputy director of the current Education Committee, made keynote speeches.

         Finally, the delegates revolved around the implementation rules of the new session of the Education Commission (draft), the construction of the university's software engineering Double 10,000 Majors, the research and practice guidance of the curriculum and the ideological and political education, the construction of professional online open courses and the sharing of talent cultivation resources. Actively carried out in-depth and detailed discussions on issues such as training exchanges with talents in Hong Kong and Macao universities, organizing professional young teachers' practical teaching ability training, organizing research projects for the training of professional talents, and carrying out student training exchange activities. The members expressed their opinions and opinions. Warm atmosphere.

(meeting venue)

        Through this meeting, the committee members fully understood the importance of the work of the provincial software engineering teaching committee, and said that they will actively organize and participate in the activities of the teaching and learning committees, and play the provincial software engineering teaching committee in the province's software engineering majors. The important functions of research, consulting and guidance have made positive contributions to comprehensively improving the training of software engineering professionals in the province and the development of the software engineering industry in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.