Student's Double-Creation Base Chen Guoqiang is Honored by Forbes China under 30 Years Old Elite List


        On October 17, Forbes China launched the latest elite list under 30 years old (30 Under 30), and selected young innovation and entrepreneurial elites in various fields. Among them, South China University of Science and Technology alumni, innovation and entrepreneurship incubator base team -CTO of  the Yinshu technology, Chen Guoqiang on the list. This is the school graduated from the 2006 computer science graduate, the head of the rice science and technology team Chen Di, the 2007 graduate of the bioengineering profession, the founder and CEO of L3 Bioinformatics, Luo Ruibang, the 2009 computer graduate, the lychee micro-curricular joint founding After the person and CEO Huang Guan, another list of alumni.

                                                           Chen Guoqiang, CTO of Yinshu Technology

          Chen Guoqiang graduated from South China University of Technology with a major in software engineering and is currently a CTO of audiobook technology. For Chen Guoqiang, the germination of the idea of establishing audiobook technology originally came from the experience of a good friend. Shi Guochuan, a university student of Chen Guoqiang, is a severely handicapped person. When he is in college, he usually communicates through the book, which is very troublesome. Through Shichengchuan, Chen Guoqiang had a close contact with the group of hearing impaired people, and deeply understood the helplessness and bitterness they encountered when communicating with the hearing people. In real life, many hearing-impaired people can't communicate well with the outside world. There are great obstacles to receiving normal education, work and employment, and even making friends. It has caused great trouble to the lives of the hearing-impaired.

        Holding a heart that wants to help the hearing-impaired group with practical actions, Chen Guoqiang, together with his friend Shi Chengchuan, called a like-minded partner to create a Yinshu Technology project three years ago.

                                          Members of Yinshu Technology Team

      The team is committed to helping the hearing impaired to achieve barrier-free communication through artificial intelligence technology, enabling the hearing impaired to “see the voice and embrace the dream”. In view of the painful points of communication for the hearing impaired, traditional hearing aid solutions such as cochlear implants are costly and have different individual effects. WeChat and other tools are not suitable for rapid communication under the group, and communication scenarios such as meetings and telephones are not applicable. The audio book launches a series of auxiliary communication products, including audio book APP, government accessibility communication system, AI auxiliary communication system, etc., providing remote translation, video calling, AI language training and other services, using technology to help the hearing impaired in the meeting training In a variety of occasions, such as class gatherings, solve difficult communication problems and achieve barrier-free communication.

The Most Popular AI Communication Software for Domestic Hearing-Impaired People--Yinshu APP

        The difficulties we have encountered in the process of starting a business are still quite a lot. The first thing is to recruit people, because when they are just starting out, they have nothing and it is difficult to recruit people. Chen Guoqiang recalled that it was difficult to find someone interested in their projects when they climbed several college buildings in China. At the time of nothing, Chen Guoqiang learned that the school has an innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base. In April 2016, the audiobook technology project team submitted an application for admission to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base of South China University of Technology. The base provided strong support for this project that embraced the public welfare heart. It not only provided the team with a full set of hardware resources such as special card slots and R&D rooms, computers, etc., but also the responsible person of the Academic Affairs Office responsible for the innovation and entrepreneurial base personally served as a special tutor for Chen Guoqiang. And his team provides follow-up guidance on project operations and business management. With the broad communication platform of the base, the audio book not only finds the talents needed for the team development, but also often collides with the entrepreneurs from different industries in the base to provide a good help for the polishing of the project.

       As a public welfare entrepreneurship project, audiobook technology once faced the problem of financing difficulties. After the product came out, Chen Guoqiang and others also met with investors from time to time, but investors who are not familiar with the industry are more cautious. To this end, the base strives to integrate the resources and funds of the government, enterprises, alumni and society to help the team develop. Through unremitting efforts, the team has successfully obtained a number of rounds of financing, including funds such as the Science and Technology News, Shunde Public Welfare Fund, alumni Chen Di, and the Panyu District Government's “Blue Plan”.

       In the process of growing the sound book, it also received the concern and help of the school and relevant departments. The Academic Affairs Office, the Ministry of Education and the Youth League Committee provide support and assistance for the team to participate in various competitions, and contact technical instructors to provide strong guidance. He Qianhua, a phonetic expert at South China University of Technology, Meng Qinglin, an acoustic expert, Professor Gong Zhen from the School of Business Administration, and Ma Qianli, an expert in artificial intelligence, have provided tremendous help to the book technology.

       With the school's broad innovation and entrepreneurship practice platform and rich innovation and entrepreneurial competition activities, the team's strength has grown rapidly. Today's audio books have grown into the largest Internet platform for hearing-impaired people in China, helping 600,000 hearing-impaired people. Enter the society and better communicate with others in life and work. Because of the insignificant disability, the mainstream society knows very little about the hearing impaired, and rarely pays attention to their communication problems. Chen Guoqiang has also deeply felt the lack of accessibility for the hearing impaired. To this end, the team has established cooperative relations with more than ten institutions including the Provincial Association and the Ear Tree, and launched a number of public welfare activities such as “100% plan for the dream of communion and inclusiveness” and “AI language training to help college students speak”. The disabled create a better accessible social environment.

           Yinshu Public Welfare Activity of Communion and Inclusiveness of Hearing-Impaired Group and General

        The team has now won seven patents and four software copyrights, the National Golden Award of the National Youth Entrepreneurship Competition in 2018, and the National Silver Award in the 5th National Internet + Competition in 2019. In April of this year, he successfully entered the Echoing Green Global Social Leadership Program and made a dream to show the world the sound book; in May, he was awarded the “Top 20 Social Enterprise with the Most Development Potential”; in August, he was awarded the “Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School-Anxun”. Technology No. 1 in the 2019 Artificial Intelligence Million Prize International Entrepreneurship Competition. Chen Guoqiang himself was also named as the outstanding graduate of 2018 South China University of Technology, the top ten people who moved Huayuan in 2018, and the “Star of Creation” in Guangzhou in 2018. The team was selected in the 2019 of the National Information Consultation and Employment Guidance Center of the National Higher Education School. The second sparkling days - the look of youth, the typical deeds of college students in employment and entrepreneurship.

        Looking back on the road to entrepreneurship along the way, Chen Guoqiang is full of gratitude: The alma mater Chinese workers have helped a lot at the critical moment in the development of our audio books. I am very grateful to the schools and bases for their concern and support.

       Chen Guoqiang’s entrepreneurial growth is just a “microcosm” of the effectiveness of innovation and entrepreneurship education in South China University of Technology. As an important innovation and entrepreneurship practice platform of the school, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Base of South China University of Technology actively provides venue equipment, training and guidance, policy support and investment and financing docking services for the project, providing full support for the project from seed germination, incubation to development and growth. . Up to now, there have been more than 300 incubation projects in the base, of which more than 100 have already registered companies to enter the actual operation, and nearly 40 projects have obtained venture capital. The financing amount of individual projects has reached 450 million yuan, and the annual turnover of the base projects has reached 100 million yuan, and profits and taxes of tens of millions of yuan. There are a large number of projects in the project, there are scientific and technological innovations, commercial entrepreneurship, and public welfare entrepreneurship; covering a wide range, innovative entrepreneurs have undergraduates, postgraduates, and international students, covering science, engineering, literature, sports, and arts.

Attachment: Forbes 30-year-old elite list

       Forbes' 30-year-old elite is usually a good entrepreneur, or a leader of a larger team in the company, a key project leader, a technology inventor, and not limited to the above. Kind of pioneer, leader.