Concentrate on Strength, Innovation and Cultivation - Software College Holds Scientific Research Team to Connect Undergraduate Class Activities


       In order to promote the reform of personnel training mode and mechanism, we will focus on cultivating students' innovative spirit and innovative ability. At 16:00 on September 24, 2019, the research team of the Software College of South China University of Technology will successfully carry out undergraduate class activities. The software school's large-scale software development methods and application teams, big data systems and cloud computing teams, artificial intelligence and machine learning teams, and other relevant scientific research team leaders and software colleges 2019 all undergraduate students participated in the event.

       The seven research teams will respectively connect seven undergraduate classes, and according to the team tracking mechanism developed by the college, combined with the research situation and direction of their own team, the targeted classes will be guided to make the class students familiar with the team research direction. The team will carry out corresponding training courses for students in accordance with their own team characteristics, laying the foundation for students' scientific research.

       The teams briefed the students on the direction and important achievements of the research of each team. The college tracked the specific content of the training mechanism, encouraged the students to actively understand the academic development of the college, actively cooperated with the relevant research team, and enhanced their innovation and practice. Awareness, improve their overall quality and ability.


                               Representatives of the Research Team Briefed the Students on the Research of Each Team

Under the leadership of the research team leader, the students also visited the team's subordinate laboratories. The graduate students of the laboratory showed the robots developed by the laboratory to the students, and explained their functions in detail. The students carefully observed. Interesting.

                                         Students Observed the Robot of the Lab

       The purpose of this activity is to guide undergraduate freshmen to understand the research direction of the research team and related teachers of the college, as well as the talent training mechanism of the team's team tracking training. It is believed that the development of the undergraduate class work of the research team can focus on the “double first-class” construction requirements of the school, helping the students to further understand, understand and practice the scientific spirit of being good, seeking truth and seeking truth, and bravely moving forward, enhancing the sense of innovation and participating in innovation. Practice, join the ranks of academic creed practice, and become a first-class innovative talent.

Note: Introduction to the Software College Research Team

       The large-scale software development method and application team rely on the Guangdong Multimedia Intelligent Marketing Engineering Technology Research Center to carry out research and development work in the fields of machine learning and data mining, key technologies of the Internet of Things, and modeling and simulation of biological systems.

       The big data system and the cloud computing team conduct relevant basic research and applied research in the field of cloud computing and big data technology. The team members participate in and host many projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

        The artificial intelligence and machine learning team mainly studies machine learning, machine vision and smart medical care, undertakes a number of national natural science fund projects, and cooperates with well-known companies such as Microsoft Research Asia, Tencent AILab, and CVTE.

       The data science and intelligent software research team is jointly established by the Software College and the School of Mathematics of South China University of Technology. It mainly conducts research on big data analysis for software engineering, automatic generation of test cases based on search software, and medical image analysis.

       The intelligent software and robot team members have the Guangdong University of Hong Kong and Macao Joint Laboratory of Big Data and Robot Intelligence of the Ministry of Education and the Guangzhou Key Laboratory of Robot Software and Complex Information Processing. The research direction includes big data analysis, natural language processing, personalized modeling and recommendation system. Wait.

       The software construction theory and method team has established the basic software and application construction technology laboratory of Guangdong Province, and has a large number of large-scale research and development equipment such as Intel architecture multi-core server, researching new software architecture, information processing and service direction.

        Software service engineering and cloud computing team mainly research software service engineering and cloud computing and multi-objective optimization and computer vision. It has Guangdong Province Social Media Processing and Software Development Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Province New Media and Brand Communication Innovation Application. Key Laboratory (co-construction), Institute of Social Computing, South China University of Technology.