Steadily Promote International Exchanges and Cooperation and Cultivate Outstanding Software Talents--Notes about Software College Students Visiting UK universities


Group Photo In Oxford University 

Group Photo In London Metropolitan University

Activities In Oxford UniversityActivities In London Metropolitan University

From November 16 to 19, 2015, students from Software College, South China University of Technology went to Oxford University, Cambridge University and London Metropolitan University for a period of 5 days academic exchange activities. With the strong support of the university leaders and relevant departments, the study and exchange activities in the UK have been a complete success, steadily promote inter-institutional exchanges and cooperation and inject new connotation and vitality into the strategy of the software college to train outstanding software engineers.

The visitors included 40 student representatives from the 2013 Software Engineering Excellence Class and 2 instructors (Professor Zuo Baohe and Dr. Chen Chunhua). The teachers and students visited the School of Computer Science and Engineering at Oxford University and the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering at the London Metropolitan University for academic seminars and then went to Cambridge University to study.
Founded in 1167, Oxford University is one of the oldest universities in the world, and its education and academic research ranks among the best in the world for a long time. In the communication with Oxford University, Dr. Meredrdd Williams, Professor Cas Cremers and Katherine Fletcher hosted several academic seminars on information security topics. Among them, Meredrdd shows the latest research results of Internet users' convenience in personal privacy protection. This result shows a paradox: users want to protect their privacy in Internet activities, but their behavior is often contrary to their will. Cas's research topic involves the automation of security protocols and the theoretical level is very deep, which greatly expands the students' academic horizons. From the perspective of the research project group, Katherine discussed how research scholars discover topics, apply for funds, coordinate and cooperate with each other, and give teachers and students new research assistance and management concepts. Finally, teachers and students also visited the China Research Center of Oxford University.
Founded in 1848, London Metropolitan University is located in the heart of the UK's financial centre,which is on the north side of the city centre, and the famous European business district. The school combines a long traditional culture with modern teaching methods  and is one of the most fascinating universities in the UK today. During the commucation with London Metropolitan University, many doctoral students and professors including Nikos Komninos, Tom Chen, Pu Gong, Fauzia Idrees, Konstantin Pozdniakov, Jameel Qadri, Andria Procopiou and David Stupples conducted several seminars around the topic of cybersecurity. Among them, Professor David Stupples vividly and interestingly explained the distributed denial of service attack, demonstrated the attack on a bank portal in London, and showed the whole attack process and scientific data analysis in a wonderful visual way.
In recent years, Software College of SCUT has actively carried out academic exchange activities with international universities. Before this event, the College also organized students to visit Royal Holloway and University College London at the University of London in 2013 and Singapore University and Nanyang Technological University in 2014. In this activity, our College and the London Metropolitan University initially determined the negotiation of undergraduate 2+2 exchange and cooperation projects, and relevant work is underway. We believe that these cooperative projects will greatly enrich the training content of excellent software engineers and promote the construction of teaching and research work.